Block RBL Bank Credit Card, How to Block RBL Credit Card

RBL Bank is a well-known name in the banking industry. It is a private sector bank that offers retail clients, corporate customers, NRI customers, insurance, credit cards, investments, and other services.

How to Block RBL Credit Card

Customers can choose from various credit cards based on their eligibility and needs. These credit cards are granted to salaried and self-employed individuals, as well as corporate cards, where a business representative is permitted to spend on behalf of the corporation and charge it to the company account.

The cardholder can cancel these bank-issued credit cards at any time. Credit card closures can occur for various reasons, including non-use of the credit card, exorbitant annual fees, etc.

The procedure for canceling RBL credit cards is outlined below.

How to terminate or cancel your RBL Bank credit card

There are several methods for canceling RBL Bank credit cards. These modalities are classified as online or offline and are available to all clients looking to close their RBL credit cards. The procedure is given below.

Using Email

To close their credit cards, applicants can submit an email to RBL Bank. The email address for sending the message is,

  • Supercardservices@Rblbank.Com (Support for Supercard)
  • Cardservices@Rblbank.Com (Alternate Cards)

Cardholders must supply basic information in the email for credit card closure. These specifics are as follows:

  • The cardholder’s name
  • Credit card number
  • Your birth date
  • Expiration date

By going to the nearest branch

Another option for closing the RBL credit card is to visit a bank branch. Cardholders can immediately apply for credit card closure at the bank’s local department. The cardholder must supply the above-mentioned essential information as well as identification verification. To avoid card abuse, the cardholder must cut the credit card diagonally.

Through Customer Service

Another option for the cardholder is to contact the bank’s customer service. The bank’s hotline number for credit card inquiries or credit card closure is,

  • (+91 22 7119 0900) (SuperCard)
  • +91 22 6232 7777 (for credit cards other than Visa)

The consequences of canceling a credit card

The closure of a credit card directly influences the cardholder’s credit score. As the cardholder’s overall credit limit decreases, so does his or her credit utilization ratio. The cardholder can avoid this by lowering his or her spending and, therefore, keeping the credit usage percentage low. When a cardholder cancels the sole accessible credit card, the cardholder’s credit history stops, which harms the cardholder’s credit score. As a result, the cardholder’s credit score may steadily deteriorate.