Delete Line Account, How to Delete Line Account?

Delete My Line Account – Can I Still Receive Messages From LINE? Delete my line account – I wish to do this because I no longer use my line account. Is it still possible for me to get messages from it, and if so, how?

How do I delete my Line Account?

After several years of inactivity, can I remove my Line account?

You can chat with friends and family using the mobile communication software LINE. A line account is necessary for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to set up a profile name and photo. For access to the application’s gaming and music streaming functions, you also need a Line account. There are several reasons why you might wish to remove your LINE account if you’ve used it for a while.

The first is that LINE has security measures in place that stop users from opening phony accounts. Second, each phone number is limited to one line account. After a set amount of inactivity on your part, another user may be able to use your phone number if you don’t use your line account frequently. For some of the features, including stickers and music streaming, you also need a Line account.

While you’re at it, you might think about eliminating your credit card number and address, which are examples of personal identifying information. Anyone may easily purchase your information if they have access to these kinds of facts.

Is my erased LINE conversation history retrievable?

One of the most widely used instant messaging services worldwide is LINE. Numerous services are available to users, such as news, games, virtual stickers, and animated emojis. Mobile payments are also possible to transmit and receive.

Backup and restoration of conversations is one of Line’s functions. Both iOS and Android users have access to this function. Using a backup or a fresh app on your phone, you can get your conversation history back.

You should back up your communications as soon as possible. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup History to accomplish this. Additionally, you can activate iCloud Drive and connect your iCloud account to the app. Your conversations will be saved in the cloud using this function. You can backup your LINE chats to Google Drive if you don’t use iCloud.

Connect your device to your computer when you’re ready to restore the chats. Your smartphone can freeze throughout the procedure if you don’t have enough storage.

Even if I cancel my Line account, can someone still text me?

With the help of the social messaging software LINE, you can communicate with friends. Moreover, the software offers a timeline function. Users can exchange themes and stickers with one another. However, you won’t be able to send any messages if someone bans you.

There have been instances of account hacking on Line. This is the reason the app has alarms set up for any phishing attacks that take place. Any questionable SMS messages shouldn’t receive a response from you. Additionally, see whether there are any strange formatting or spelling errors in the message.

Someone may have blocked you for another reason, such as personal difficulties. In some situations, a person’s opinion may change at any time. It is preferable to get in touch with them if you haven’t heard back yet. By looking at a contact’s timeline, you may also determine whether they are blocked. It is likely reasonable to presume that they are blocked if they haven’t written anything for a while.

You will be added to the Blocked users list from your list of friends after someone blocks you. You can still see their profile picture and the improvements they’ve made to it, though.

Can I have two accounts on LINE?

One of the most widely used chat programs worldwide is LINE. In addition to using LINE for business, you may also use it to communicate with loved ones. With more than 182 million users globally, LINE has three million official accounts in Japan.

There is a common question regarding the use of two LINE accounts among LINE users. It’s doable, but not without taking a few steps. With the aid of the LINE 2 app, you can establish two LINE accounts. Then, you can remotely check on various account features. Additionally, you may backup your data and conversations.

You require two mobile numbers in order to utilize LINE on two different devices. To move your data from one phone to another, utilize the LINE app. You can use Google Drive to backup your conversations and files.

Both iPhone and iPad users may download the software. You can connect your email accounts to the app using this feature.

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