Delete Myntra Account, How to Delete Myntra Account

How to delete your account on Myntra: Unlike other eCommerce businesses, Myntra exclusively offers its online services on smartphones with an Android, Windows, or iOS operating system. Meaning that in order to utilize their service, you must download an app on your smartphone as their website is not compatible with desktop or laptop computers.

How to Delete Myntra Account

There may be a variety of reasons for a person to permanently remove their account from their database. However, you may call their customer service department and ask them to stop notifying you about their new products if you have a different reason. If so, I’ll explain how to deactivate your Myntra account step by step.

A Brief Overview of the Company

The IIT graduate student who launched the Myntra firm became one of India’s top online retailers. Myntra started out on their website selling gifts, but eventually shifted their emphasis to selling apparel and branded merchandise. The business and the e-commerce website amalgamated in 2014. On its website, the corporation offers 150,000 products under 1000 different brand names.

Delete Myntra Account Instructions

The following are two ways you can ask them to remove your account from their database:

Account Delete through Company Website

  1. Please visit
  2. Select a different choice under Select Issue.
  3. Select the I have a problem with the Mobile App option now.
  4. Pick the email option. Enter your inquiry, add a profile photo, and press “Send”

Account Cancelled by Email

  • Create a new email in your email program.
  • Email please enter
  • Click “Send” after creating an email using the provided template.

These are the two methods for deleting an account.