Delete Skype Account, How Delete Your Skype Account

How to Deactivate Skype: Skype is an internet application software that enables registered users to video chat with one another and exchange material in real-time, including photographs, videos, and other types of data. Recently, some of our readers have written to me requesting that I deactivate their accounts from the Skype website.

How to Delete Your Skype Account

After researching this subject, we discovered that some users use alternative programs for video chat and that others desire to temporarily delete their accounts due to upcoming exams or trips. So now I’m going to talk about how to deactivate or cancel your account.

A Brief Overview of the Company

Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis invented Skype, one of the greatest social media platforms in existence today. The application has a current net worth of almost 9 billion dollars and is available in 38 different languages.

How to Uninstall Skype

The steps listed below are the sole way to remove or deactivate your account from their skype database:-

How to Delete Your Account or Deactivate It

  • visit Skype’s website.
  • Register with your account.
  • Visit the website at now.
  • Choose the account and password options in the current issue.
  • Choose Delete Account under Related Problem.
  • Select text chat assistance and request account deletion from the agent.

Note: If you delete your account, all third-party application logins made via the Skype program will be permanently deleted.