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SoundCloud allows you to share your own music and listen to other musicians, whether they are amateur or professional, and it also allows you to deactivate your SoundCloud account, along with all of your playlists and songs that you have submitted. You can do deep dives into music that is not available anywhere else, and it’s a terrific place to share and find new music.

How To Delete SoundCloud Account

However, the simplest method to stop using SoundCloud and erase all of your tracks, playlists, and other personal data is to terminate your account.

Just keep in mind that everything is permanently deleted once you remove your account. There is no way to retrieve music or data from a deleted account.

Delete your SoundCloud account here.

You cannot deactivate your account using the SoundCloud app; you must do it via the desktop website.

Open the SoundCloud website, sign into your account, and then select the three dots in the upper-right corner.

In the top right corner, click the dots. the Business Insider’s Ryan Ariano

Select “Settings” to see the settings page for your account.

Go to the bottom and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Grace Business Insider/Eliza Goodwin

Scroll down in the account settings and select “Delete Account.”

Simply select “Delete account.” Goodwin, Grace Eliza for Business Insider

After clicking it, the “Delete Account” box will appear. The question “why are you leaving SoundCloud?” will appear here. You have the option of selecting one of the explanations or just clicking “Delete my account” at the bottom.

After selecting a motive, click “Delete my account.” Goodwin, Grace Eliza for Business Insider

  • You will lose access to all of your music and playlists, as well as your account, instantly.

How To Delete Soundcloud Account, There is only method to delete your account from their database which are given below :- Delete Account By Website Follow the url by laptop or desktop.