Delete Tumblr Account, How To Delete Tumblr Account

Delete Your Tumblr Account Here: Tumblr is a social networking platform for microblogging that enables registered users to upload multimedia or text posts to a user-made microsite with custom themes on their server and share them privately or publicly. Recently, several of our readers have written to me requesting that I deactivate their Tumblr accounts.

How To Delete Tumblr Account

After researching the subject of why users want to shut their accounts on this website, we discovered that some users utilize many social media platforms for content sharing and that some users want to close their accounts because they do not frequently use them. Therefore, today I’m going to explain how to remove your account from the Tumblr website.

First, a Quick Overview of the Company

David Karp established the Tumblr website, which is among the top social networking and microblogging platforms on the planet. The website alone produced up to $25 million in income in 2013, and as of June 2016, it employed 386 people.

Delete Tumblr Account: Steps

You can remove your account from Tumblr’s database using one of the methods listed below:

Delete Your Account: Steps

  • Visit to proceed.
  • Use your account to log in now. To remove your account, adhere to the instructions.
  • Be careful when deleting your account since any third-party software logins that used your Tumblr account will be permanently gone.