How to Apply for Punjab Marriage Certificate Online/Offline

How to Apply for a Marriage Certificate in Punjab Online or Offline, and How to Do So in Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, and Bathinda The Punjabi government has mandated that all married residents of the state get a marriage certificate. The certificate must be obtained no later than three months after the wedding.

How to Apply for Punjab Marriage Certificate Apply Online

To make the procedure simple for the populace, the government established an internet site. There are now procedures for registering a marriage in Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, and Bathinda, Punjab, both online and offline. Both steps are explained below for your assistance if you are still unclear about them.

Qualifications for Marriage:

  • The bride’s age cannot be less than 18 and the groom’s age cannot be less than 21.
  • Either location is acceptable for registration. Anyone can submit an application for registration, including the bride and groom.

Punjab’s online marriage certificate application process:

  • Click on “Apply Online” when you go to the website
  • If you’re a new user, fill out the online application form first after completing the new user registration.
  • Upload all necessary papers’ scanned copies. By clicking the URL, you may view the list of required papers.
  • Correctly complete the form, then submit it.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation letter. Print it out after downloading it.
  • The acknowledgement number can be used to check the status of the certificate online.

Punjab’s offline marriage certificate application procedure:


If you choose a judicial marriage, the charge is just INR 50, but if you want to apply at the Suwidha centre, you must pay INR 700 if you do so within three months. The price is INR 1500 if you submit your application within 6 months but more than 3 months ago. The charge rises to INR 2000 if there is a lapse of a year.