LA Fitness Student, How Do I Get LA Fitness Student Discount in 2023

How Can I Get A Student Discount At LA Fitness In 2023? If you’re looking for details on the LA Fitness student discount, you should read this article.

The mission of LA Fitness is to help people achieve their fitness objectives. The organization is known for having well-maintained, high-quality equipment and operates hundreds of gyms around the United States.

By utilizing LA Fitness’ services, members may achieve their health and wellness objectives by selecting from a range of programs and pricing alternatives. That is untrue because the business provides a number of discounts, such as the LA Fitness student discount, which students who want to stay active may take advantage of and utilize to save money.

You may learn more about the LA Fitness student discount, how to utilize the discount code, and its many tempting features by reading the post we’ve written. Learn everything there is to know about the LA Fitness gym by reading on.

Los Angeles Fitness

Across the United States and Canada, there are more than 700 LA Fitness clubs. Chinyol Yi and Louis Welch launched the business in Los Angeles, California, in 1984.

On November 30, 2011, the business successfully acquired 171 clubs from Bally Total Fitness for $153M. Starting in 2018, LA Fitness will charge extra for high-intensity interval training courses that use Myzone heart rate monitors at specific refurbished facilities.

By concentrating on the one lifetime advantage that everyone values: excellent health, LA Fitness increases its presence. It continues to explore for fresh approaches to enhance the mental and emotional health of its growing membership.

Modern clubs already exist across the continent, and they are continually growing. The reason for LA Fitness’ robust and prosperous growth is its dedication to comprehending and addressing the particular demands of the communities it serves.

Family members of all ages and interests may enjoy a pleasant and productive exercise at LA Fitness thanks to its extensive amenities and highly skilled personnel.

LA Fitness: Why?

There are many benefits to joining LA Fitness, from its outstanding instructors and user-friendly mobile app to its broad selection of equipment and discounts. Therefore, before discussing the student discount at LA Fitness, let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of choosing LA Fitness for your fitness training.

1, Equipment Variety

Squat racks, benches, free weights, and cable machines are all around LA Fitness’ facilities because of the variety of its equipment. Racquetball courts, dancing and yoga studios, treadmills, stationary cycles, a pool with a hot tub, and other amenities are also available.

They also offer lovely locker rooms with showers and a kid’s section where staff members can monitor children while their parents work out.

Facilities at LA Fitness Club include:

  • Unlimited Group Exercise Sessions
  • Personal Fitness Assessment is Free.
  • Full access to the sauna, spa, and pool.
  • superior strength, cardio, and weight equipment.
  • Athletic leagues
  • Individual Training
  • babysitting at Kids Klub

2, User-Friendly Mobile App

Every LA Fitness member may generally download the company’s user-friendly mobile app on their smartphone, serving as a digital membership card. Users may effortlessly access the amenities, facilities, and services of any LA Fitness club thanks to this digital card.

You may also plan personal training sessions and reserve space in addition to getting the most updated details about gyms and group fitness programs. The software is available on the software Store and works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and other iOS devices. After you install the app on your mobile device, you may also connect it to your current club membership.

3, Expert Supervisors

Each group exercise session at LA Fitness is overseen by qualified fitness instructors, which is essential for optimizing the health advantages of exercise while minimizing participant injury risk. In many sessions, LA Fitness instructors can immediately determine whether new customers are suitable for exercise participation. This is especially true during challenging exercises.

4, Top-Notch Services

Due to the facilities, amenities, and services exceeding industry norms, LA Fitness price offers good value for the money. Because of this, the great majority of LA Fitness’s clients think they will get what they paid for.

Is there a student discount at La Fitness?

Students enrolled in colleges and other higher education institutions are eligible for a 15 percent discount at LA Fitness. By registering on Unidays, you can have access to the LA Fitness student discount.

How can I make use of the LA Fitness Coupon?

When you enter the promo code for the LA Fitness student discount in the space given at checkout, your discount will be applied instantly. Your discounts should be applied automatically if there is no promo code associated with your purchase.

LA Fitness coupons for today

Savings Advice for LA Fitness

  • Utilize the five-day visitor pass that LA Fitness is providing. This pass is good for five days and permits you to workout at any nearby LA Fitness facility.
  • Consider participating in the LA Fitness free HIIT exercise. Anyone interested in doing the HIIT program can access this.
  • Benefit from VIP visitor permits. You may give a friend free 14-day admission to LA Fitness by mailing them a VIP guest pass. You may receive awesome LA Fitness stuff by using your VIP rewards program to earn 1000 points if they decide to join within 90 days of your invitation.
  • Make a family account and go to the gym with up to three family members. Although there are additional costs associated with adding family members to your subscription, they can use the gym for less money.
  • Follow LA Fitness on social media to take part in contests where you can win awesome prizes, free trials, and more.

What LA Fitness alternatives are there?

As alternatives to LA Fitness, consider the following:

1. 24-Hour Fitness

Through participation in the 28-day StepUp program, 24-Hour Fitness has demonstrated their enthusiasm for member retention and success, going above and beyond the typical chain gym that simply wants members.

Additionally, they are open 24/7, which is helpful for many gym members with erratic schedules. They have also created a fitness software for people who require direction or sample exercise regimens, as well as a perk rewards system to recognize those that exercise consistently.

The cost of a 24 Hours Fitness membership each month ranges from $39.99 to $49.99. A month-to-month or 12-month contract are also options. Some facilities provide weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, a fitness app, a basketball court, racquetball, a spinning room, a pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and daycare.

2, Anytime Fitness LLC,

With more than 4000 franchised sites, Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour health and fitness center that enables people from all over the world to transform their lives through exercise. It was established in 2002 and recognized as the fitness club franchise with the highest growth in 2014.

The cost of an Anytime Fitness membership each month is $36.50. There is 24-hour access, weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness courses, and personal training offered as facilities. Some sites also have tanning and hydromassage beds.

3. LifeTime

1992 saw the establishment of Life Time Fitness, which aims to elevate your sense of self. From the minute you enter, their facilities exude luxury in terms of both décor and attitude. They provide a selection of group fitness courses and follow the most recent fashions.

The addition of the café and spa also makes the fitness facility a desirable location. They also work effectively with big businesses to provide staff discounts. To suit people’s busy schedules and lifestyles, they are now adding shared workplace concepts and retail mall “villages”. The monthly cost of a Life Time Membership can range from $79.00 to $229.00, plus an introductory charge.

Weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, tanning, tennis courts, sauna, spin classes, childcare, health assessments, spa, nutritional coaching, Pilates reformers, steam room, cafe, and kids’ categories and activities (like arts and crafts) are some of its features.

4, Equinox Workout

The stars of the sport train at Equinox. They are renowned for their innovative and fun group fitness sessions, and their teachers are highly certified, with some of them being former Olympians and current celebrity fitness trainers. Due to the fact that many of their sites are in affluent areas, their clientele is wealthy.

In 1991, the first Equinox Fitness center opened in Manhattan. Since then, it has acquired other upscale fitness companies, including Blink Fitness, PURE Yoga, and SoulCycle. An Equinox membership costs between $180 and $240 per month, with a $200–$300 initiation charge. There are more than 135 places in America.


While everyone famous works out at Equinox, the athletes train at EXOS. Founded in 1999, it has its headquarters in Phoenix but has since spread its services to several other areas all over America. They are in charge of 461 sites for enterprises including those in sports, Fortune 100 companies, the healthcare sector, the military, and nonprofits. In locales other than Phoenix, where membership costs $30,000 per year ($2,500 per month), EXOS membership rates range from $250 to $1,000 per month.

Weight training, cardio equipment, group fitness programs, and personal training are some of its features. Their Phoenix site includes the greatest rehabilitation equipment for recovering from an injury, as well as an underwater treadmill, hot and cold pools, a football field, physical therapy, massage tables, and other amenities. In many other places, there are also physical therapists and sports medicine experts. Additionally used for their dietary knowledge are dietitians.

6, Planet Fitness

When they started Planet Fitness in 1992, the company’s founders sought to find out why 80–85% of people do not subscribe to a gym. There are two remedies: Potential gym members were hesitant to try out Planet Fitness since they were newbies and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

They created their gym’s ambiance, including its attitude and organization, using these two realizations. There are presently more than 1,200 Planet Fitness facilities across America.

Its features include cardio equipment, qualified personal trainers on staff who can offer training advice (for no additional cost), the majority of locations are open around-the-clock hours, and clean locker rooms and showers are accessible at most locations. Costs for a Planet Fitness membership range from $10 to $20 monthly and $39 yearly.

7, Crossfit

When CrossFit was established in 2000, it totally transformed the fitness sector as individuals flocked to join neighborhood CrossFit gyms or open their own CrossFit “box.” One of the key factors contributing to CrossFit’s appeal is the sense of community it fosters. No one can work out alone while using headphones at a CrossFit box because only group courses are available there.

People of various fitness levels may feel the burn thanks to their scalable training system, which they have also designed. This makes each workout new. CrossFit has more than 12,000 sites in the US and more than 14,000 internationally as of right now.

Every CrossFit box sets its own prices for memberships, ranging from $75 to $225 each month. The facilities vary from box to box as well. Some studios don’t have any frills, while others include full cafeterias, dressing rooms, and other amenities.


LA Fitness has maintained its position as one of the best gym chains in the country because to its ability to maintain consistent management across all of its facilities. They provide group exercise classes, which are a perk of even the most basic memberships, in addition to other facilities.

They surely have a reputation for being able to accommodate both newbie and regular gym users given that they have more than 700 clubs scattered throughout America. Additionally, the 15% LA Fitness student discount is a no-brainer for college students who wish to keep within their budgets. As a result, you may join immediately and start taking advantage of the LA Fitness membership perks.