Remove PDF Password, How to Remove PDF Password Online for Free?

Adobe Systems created the file format known as a PDF, or Portable Document Format, file. There are several uses for PDF files, including the distribution of electronic books, forms, and other types of digital documents. There are many PDF files available right now that have been password- or encryption-protected to limit access and stop unlawful use or alteration.

In this case, you must input the right password for the PDF in order to access or open it. Therefore, this post will assist you in unlocking PDF password online if you have an encrypted or password-protected PDF file and wish to remove PDF password online for free.

Remove PDF Password

However, there are several methods available online to unlock PDF passwords. However, in today’s tutorial, we’ll learn how to unlock a PDF file using the Google Chrome browser. On Android, Windows, Mac, or iPhone, you may use Chrome Browser or any other browser to erase the PDF password.

How to Freely Remove a PDF Password Online?

Here are some instructions for removing PDF passwords online on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

Online free password removal for PDFs:

Launch Google Chrome and type “SmallPDF Password Remover” into the search bar.

To open the tool, tap on the first website.

Now tap to choose the PDF file that is password-protected. (You may also drag and drop)

Watch the PDF File Upload for a Few Seconds.

Select the box now, and then tap the UNLOCK PDF! button.

Enter the correct password after that, then tap the REALLY UNLOCK button.

Now, by clicking the Download button, you may view the preview and download the unlocked PDF.

You must first be aware of the document’s passcode before utilizing any of the aforementioned techniques to remove passwords, I should point out.