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Tamil Nadu Employee Salary Slip, TN Pay Slip 2024 Every month, the Tamil Nadu Department of Treasury and Accounts will print TN Pay Slip 2024 or TN Salary Slip 2024 on its ePayroll web portal. Every employee and pensioner in Tamil Nadu has access to this wage slip, which they may now obtain using the employee login online application on the TN e Payslip website. They may also use the Tamil Nadu DTA to visit the Tamil Nadu ePayroll web portal and acquire and print the requisite monthly TN Payslips and Annual Salary Statements.

TN Pay Slip

Concerning the Tamil Nadu Employee Salary Slip, they may also access and print the required month-by-month TN Payslip and Annual Salary Statement from the Tamil Nadu DTA’s ePayroll website. The Tamil Nadu ePayroll website produces it under the TN ePayroll Web Portal. TN At the end of the month, an employee receives a pay slip specifying how much was made, how much was withdrawn for savings, recoveries, and how much tax was paid.

ePayroll TN Employee Salary Slip

Tamil Nadu, one of India’s most populous states, employs a substantial workforce in various government areas. Employees must keep track of their salary and other pertinent information. Here, you will get detailed information about TN Pay Slip 2024 and Tamil Nadu Employee Salary Slip. So, read the article all the way through.

TN IFHRMS Login 2024 Epayroll, IFHRMS Payslip Password & Login ID

Name of Payslip Portal IFHRMS  (Integrated Financial and Human
Resource Management System)
Launched byGovernment of Tamil Nadu
Launched UnderFinance Department and Department
of Treasuries and Accounts
Launched ForAll the Civil Service People
Mode of PayslipOnline
BenefitsAllows Online Payment and Saves Time
State CoveredTamil Nadu

How to Obtain a TN Pay Slip

The Tamil Nadu State Government’s Finance Department and DTA built the official website for the ePayroll System to issue pay slips to its employees. Therefore, employees from various departments within the Tamil Nadu state government may check data and acquire monthly pay slips via your login page at the ePayroll system website.

  • Go to the website Employees must launch the browser on their device and type into the URL area. Following that, Tennessee’s official ePayroll web portal will go live.
  • Click on the ePayslip link: Once you’ve arrived at the official website, click the ‘Click here for ePayslip’ option on the home page. The e-Payslip web application will then be available at the following locations within the authority of Tamil Nadu’s Treasury and Accounts Department:
  • Enter Login Details: On this DTA website, locate the Employee Login box, enter your employee code, choose your department code from the drop-down menu, and then enter your date of birth. To proceed, click the Login button right now.
  • When you click the Payslip Link, the Play Slip Generate online interface will appear, featuring your Employee Code in the upper left corner. Now choose Payslip.
  • Click Generate Report: A new web page emerged when you clicked the link. Choose the month and year you want the payslip, then click the Generate Report button.
  • Download Payslip: After clicking the button, a payslip with all of your relevant information will appear in a new tab. You may view your payslip online or print it by clicking the print option.