Activate Your CIBC Debit Card, How to Activate Your CIBC Debit Card

You need to activate a CIBC debit card before you can even begin to use it. After you complete the extremely simple activation process, all the functions will be accessible. If you don’t want to place your card into the payment device, for instance, the Interac Flash service is fantastic.

Therefore, we will go through everything you must do to activate your CIBC debit card in this post.

How to rapidly activate your CIBC debit card

You simply need to carry out the following procedures to activate your CIBC debit card:

  • Find a CIBC ATM and put the card in there. Here is a link to their ATM finder.
  • You should then choose PIN Options and Select ATM PIN from the screen’s options.
  • Simply follow the instructions, and then pull out the card.

The end is here! In only a few minutes, your new card is functional and available for use.

How to turn on a replacement CIBC card

The procedure is slightly different if you have a replacement card.

  • Select Other Services/More once you’ve inserted it into the ATM.
  • Find the Change PIN Options option, then adhere to the directions.
  • You should read How to Replace Your CIBC Debit Card if you aren’t sure how to acquire a replacement in the first place.

But it’s crucial that you activate your current debit card at least three months before it expires. The CIBC will not provide you a replacement card if you don’t do this before your current card expires.

Use your debit card to benefit from CIBC Interac Flash right away.

You might enable the Interac Flash function as you wait to receive and activate your new CIBC Advantage Debit Card. You may make modest purchases using this method of payment without having to use a card. Using this contactless service only takes a few seconds, and it is quite safe.

This function will automatically turn on once you complete a PIN transaction at a merchant terminal, however you might not see it right away. Interac Flash will continue to function even if you get a replacement in the future.

However, you must phone 1 800 465-CIBC (2422) or go to the closest CIBC bank to deactivate it.