Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

Baggage allowance guidelines, costs, and restrictions for Air France Airlines in 2023, Learn more about the 2023 hand and checked luggage limits, supplementary baggage costs, and excess baggage charges for Air France Airlines. Examine the Air France Airlines policy on musical instruments, sporting goods, and pets. Check the baggage allowance for your Air France Airlines journey and look into alternate options for bringing along extra luggage. For more pleasant travel, learn about Eurosender’s door-to-door shipping options for international baggage delivery.

Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance Domestic / International

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Air France Airlines Hand Baggage Allowances

How much luggage are you permitted to check in? Dimensions, weight, permitted personal items, and luggage size…

All the information you want regarding hand luggage.

This information is provided solely for reference and only relates to flights run by Air France. Is one of our airline partners operating your flight? To check the exact luggage allowance, we encourage you to visit the airline’s website.

We advise you to adhere to the tightest regulations if the allowed amount of luggage varies from one section of your reservation to another.

How much luggage am I allowed?

Depending on whose cabin you are flying in, you may have weight limits and a limit on your hand luggage.

  • You may bring one handbag and one personal item inside the economy cabin.
  • You may bring two handbags and one personal item if you are traveling in a Premium Economy, Business, or La Première cabin.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and restrictions apply to hand luggage on flights to the United States.

Dimensions of carry-on luggage

Your hand luggage can only have a maximum size of 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21.6 x 13.7 x 9.8 in.) (Pockets, wheels, and handles are not included.)

Not sure if your luggage conforms to these standards for size? You can use a variety of tools provided by Air France to verify the size of your luggage. They are present in the check-in areas, luggage drop-off areas, and airports. Prior to boarding, baggage checks will be required. Your hand luggage will need to go in the hold if it doesn’t fit these requirements. You might have to pay more.

Your handbag’s mass

Your hand luggage and personal goods can weigh a total of up to 12 kilograms (26.4 lb) in the Economy or Premium Economy cabins.

Your hand luggage and personal belongings can weigh up to 18 kilograms (40 lb) in total if you are flying in business class or La Première. Your ticket lists your cabin.

Have you opted for the Light fare? Examine your emails and SMS messages!
We may ask you to check in your hand luggage for no additional charge if your flight is expected to be fully booked or depending on the type of aircraft. Please keep all of your valuables and personal items with you, including any travel or medical documentation and electronic devices.

You might be required to check your hand luggage for free with us.

Air France luggage allowance and fees

Checked baggage Allowance1 bag55cm x 35cm x 25cmN/A
Economy LightN/AN/AN/A
Economy1 bag158cm in total23kg
Premium Economy2 bags158cm in total23kg each
Business2 bags158cm in total32kg each
La Première3 bags158cm in total32kg each

Air France Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Your travel cabin determines how much cabin luggage you are allowed. Depending on the travel cabin, passengers may bring one or two articles of cabin luggage as well as one accessory, such as a purse, briefcase, or small bag for a notebook computer. Both your reservation and your ticket display the name of your travel cabin.

Your cabin luggage must be larger than 55 cm by 35 cm by 25 cm. Your accessory’s dimensions must be greater than 40 x 30 x 15 cm. If you are traveling in economy, the combined weight of your cabin luggage and accessories cannot be more than 12kg, and if you are traveling in business class, it cannot be more than 18kg.

You may also bring the following items into the cabin:

  • Your coat, jacket, and other clothing items
  • Umbrella
  • Duty-free products bought at the airport or on your travel
  • Accessories for kids like a foldable stroller*, car seat, and diaper bag are available (see the website’s section for families and kids for more information).
  • medical supplies (such as a wheelchair that collapses, crutches, etc.).

Please be aware:

  • Clothes bags and “Yoyo” strollers are not considered accessories but rather basic hand luggage items.
  • Any item intended for children to sleep horizontally (such as a convertible bag that doubles as a bed or an inflated mattress placed in front of the seat) is not allowed on Air France airplanes due to safety concerns.

What happens if I wish to bring my pet along to the cabin? The website of Air France has details on their pet transportation policies.

Air France Hold Baggage

  • Your checked baggage allowance is based on your travel cabin and fare.
Fare TypeNumber of BagsSize RestrictionsWeight Allowance
Economy LightN/AN/AN/A
Economy1158cm in total23kg
Premium Economy2158cm in total23kg each
Business2158cm in total32kg each
La Première3158cm in total32kg each
  • Items must not exceed 158cm in total dimensions.
  • Light and Basic fares do not include checked bag options. These must be paid for, with prices starting at €25 online and €40 at the airport. Prices are higher on long-haul routes.

Air France Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

How much checked luggage can you bring? What are the size and weight restrictions? All the information you want regarding checked luggage.

Visit My Bookings if you have already made your reservation. You will get specific details on your travel luggage allowance. On your ticket, you may also discover information about your luggage allowance.

When going on an aircraft with an Air France flight number (for example, AF123), the policies listed on this page generally apply. Please remember to review the regulations that are relevant to your return trip.

  • Takeoff and landing on an Air France flight that is direct. Each flight is subject to Air France restrictions.
  • The first transatlantic trip, which is for travel to or from the United States or Canada, has an Air France flight number. All of the flights in your reservation are subject to Air France restrictions.
  • When taking a connecting trip, make sure to look for the Air France flight number on the first aircraft that changes continents (or countries within the same continent). All of the parts of your reservation up to your ultimate destination are subject to Air France restrictions. Please examine the regulations for your travel home.

In other situations, kindly go to the airline’s website that is in charge of your flight.

Number of free checked bags included with your ticket

The amount of free luggage you can check in the hold depends on your price class, the cabin you are flying in, and your Flying Blue level. When choosing your flight, you will see all baggage-related information.

Already possess a ticket? In My Bookings, you can see all the details about your luggage allowance.

Allowance for checked bags by travel cabin

  • Depending on the ticket price you choose, the Economy cabin may accommodate 0 to 2 bags with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lb) each.
  • Depending on the ticket rate you choose, you may bring 0–2 bags inside the Premium Economy class. Each bag can only weigh a maximum of 23 kg (50 lb).
  • Depending on the ticket price you choose, you may bring 1 to 2 bags inside the Business cabin. Each bag may only weigh a maximum of 32 kg (70.5 lb).
  • There is room for 3 bags in the La Première cabin, each with a weight restriction of 32 kg (70.5 lb).

Air France Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance

Excess baggage from Air France

  • There will be an extra charge at the airport for any checked bags that are too large or too heavy. The precise cost varies according to the route used.
  • No item of checked luggage may weigh more than the permitted 32kg limit.
  • Please go straight to the Air France website for further details.

Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance for Student

Details are available at SPECIAL STUDENT DEALS.

Air France Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

Fees for Additional, Overweight, and/or Larger Bags

  • No matter what sort of limit you have, the total size of your luggage cannot exceed 62 inches or 158 centimeters (height + length + breadth).
  • You must check-in and pay an extra fee if you want to travel with luggage items that are heavier than the allowed limit or additional baggage items.

Contact Air France

  • Air France Call Center
  • Phone: 0207 660 0337
  • You can also peruse the airline’s contact us page for specific options.