Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability

In 2024, how can I check my Airtel balance? Five simple methods to check Airtel Sim Balance? The article will provide you with the solutions to queries like “Airtel Ka Balance Kaise Check Kare,” “Airtel Balance Check Number,” “Airtel Net Balance Check,” “Airtel Main Balance Check,” “Airtel SMS Balance Check,” and “Airtel Data Balance Check,” among others.

Airtel balance check Codes,

If you use Airtel, you should be aware of how to check your Sim balance. If you already know about it, that’s great, but if not, you will learn about it after reading this post.

Friends, you must be aware that Airtel is India’s largest telecom business and has the most subscribers. Since Jio’s debut, all other telecom firms have gone bankrupt, thus it is now unusual to see someone challenge a Jio-like telecom company. There is just Airtel.

Friends, you must be aware that Jio Telecom Company’s Data Plans are extremely affordable, so following Jio’s entry into the market, Airtel was forced, like all other telecom companies, to lower the cost of its Data Plans. Initially, Airtel’s Data Plans and Internet Data Pack Used to be very expensive. Originally, there were many USSD numbers to check data packs like 2G and 3G, but now that 4G has arrived, nearly the same code has been created to check all of Airtel’s balance.

In the past, calling recharge and internet data recharge were separate, but now calling, internet data, and free SMS are accessible in the same plan. In this post, we’ll learn more about this and discover How can we find out how much money is on our Airtel Sim?

Now in the post, we’re going to teach you about all five methods—not only 1-2—by which you may quickly check the amount on your Airtel Sim card. You will learn about these USSD codes in this post as well as how to check different sorts of balance on your Airtel Sim card. Now let’s learn more about each of those five approaches individually first:

1. How to Check Airtel Net Balance by USSD Code? (Airtel Net Balance Check Code) :-

By calling one of the several USSD codes available for Airtel’s 2G, 3G, and 4G networks from your phone, you can quickly see how much data you have remaining. Come one, tell us each how the 2G, 3G, and 4G data balance is checked via USSD code.

How to check data balance of Airtel 2G :-

You must call 12310 # from your phone in order to check the 2G data balance associated with your Airtel Sim. By using this USSD code, you may do so quickly and effortlessly. I can confirm that practically all of India’s states accept this USSD Code.

How to check data balance of Airtel 3G :-

By using this USSD code, you may quickly check the 3G data balance of your Airtel sim. To check the 3G data balance of your Airtel Sim, dial * 123 * 11 # from your phone.

How to check data balance of Airtel 4G :-

You may check the data balance of your 4G by dialling * 125 * 1541 # from your phone. By using this USSD code, you can also check the status of your Airtel Sim and learn more about any packs that have been received.

2. How to check Airtel Balance through Airtel Thanks App :-

You can check the balance of your Airtel Sim very easy with the aid of the Airtel Thanks App. To do so, simply follow the instructions listed below:

  • Then, get the Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store and put it on your phone.
  • Simply sign up for the Airtel Thanks App using your Airtel phone.
  • An OTP will now be delivered to your Airtel phone; input it to confirm your number.
  • Your Airtel Sim’s primary balance is now shown on the Airtel Thanks App’s home page.

This makes using the Airtel Thanks App to check your balance very simple.

3. How to check Airtel balance through SMS :-

To check your Airtel Sim’s balance through SMS, just send the word “BAL” to the number 121 from your phone. Airtel will then give you an SMS allowing you to select the appropriate option and input your balance. You may get balance information, however this option is only available to postpaid consumers.

4. How to check Airtel balance through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) :-

You must dial 198 to check your Airtel balance via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Using this approach, all you need to do is dial 198 from your Airtel number to get your balance information.

5. By calling to Customer Care :-

By contacting and speaking with Customer Care, you may learn more about your balance. To reach Customer Care, dial 198 or 121 from your phone.

Some USSD codes of Airtel and their services: –

  • Some of the main USSD codes of Airtel Sim and their services are as follows-

Ways to find out more about Airtel’s plans:

USSD CodeServices
Airtel Balance Check*123#, *121*2#
2G Internet Balance Check*123*10#
3G Internet Balance Check*123*11#
4G Internet Balance Check*125*1541#, 1218#
Airtel Offers Check*121#

You can learn more about Airtel Plans on the company’s website. You can also learn more about your calling and internet data balances there. With your cell number and OTP, you may access all of this data on the Airtel website. In addition, you can use this website to view your plan options.

How to check the main balance on Airtel? (Code for Checking Main Balance on Airtel)

How to check Airtel balance :-

Just dial *123# from your phone to check the Main Balance of your Airtel Sim. If you want to check the Main Balance of your Airtel Sim, it is extremely simple to do so. You may start seeing your Airtel Sim’s primary balance by calling this USSD code.

ServiceUSSD Code
Airtel Main Balance Check*123#

How to check Airtel SMS balance? (Airtel SMS Balance Check Code) :-

If you want to check the SMS balance of your Airtel Sim, then you have to dial * 121 * 7 # from your phone, as soon as you dial this USSD code, the SMS balance of Airtel Sim will be shown to you.

ServiceUSSD Code
Airtel SMS Balance Check*121*7#

How to check Airtel Data Balance? (Airtel Data Balance Check Code) :-

To check the data balance on your Airtel Sim, dial *121# from your phone and press 5. By entering this USSD code, you may check the data balance on your Airtel Sim.

ServiceUSSD Code
Airtel Data Balance Check*121# and Enter 5
Airtel All USSD CodesDescription
Service Activation USSD Code Description
Other Airtel USSD Codes Description
Check main balance and validity *123#
Local SMS *123*1#
National SMS *123*2#
Local airtel to airtel balance *123*3#
Dedicated account for balance & expiry *123*4#
Network call *123*5#
Local network call *123*6#
Night account balance *123*7#
Night GPRS pack *123*8#
Video call balance *123*9#
2G data balance *123*10#
3G data balance *123*12#
My airtel offer *121#
Airtel gift service *141#
Daily count of SMS *125*5#
All offers Rs. 5 per day *222#
Airtel live service *321#
Facebook account *325#
Missed Call alert service *888#
Start twitter service *515#
Mobile check ins, Airtel special offer *566#
Set youe hello tone *678#
Activate / Deactivate GPRS service *567#
Check your airtel number *282#
GPRS / 3G data, Local SMS, GPRS data night, Onnet voice, All active STVs by SMS *112#
Add balance with airtel voucher *101*voucher card number#
Check your mobile number *140*1600#
Airtel Digital TV account Detail Miss call on 8130081300 from your registered number
Get 20 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight*110*1#
Get 60 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight *110*3#
Get 150 local & STD SMS valid for 1 day till midnight *110*5#
Airtel 3G Activation USSD Code SMS 3G to 121
Activate DND in Airtel Dial 1909 and follow the instruction of voice
Airtel SMS Deactivation mode *110#
Airtel costomer care number 1800-103-4444 Toll free
Airtel complaint customer care number 198
Airtel blackBerry service number 7070
Airtel Stop a Service SMS STOP to 121
Airtel Start a Service SMS START to 121
Airtel Best offer available on your usage Dial 12131
Airtel Loan USSD Code Dial *141*10#
Airtel Do Not Disturb – Start (Fully blocked) SMS “Start 0” to 1909
Manage Airtel Services Send SMS ‘short code’ or dial *121#