Best Colleges & Universities in Serbia

The historical and cultural history of Serbia is well-known, and the country is also home to some of the best academic institutions in the Balkans. There are many alternatives available when looking for the top schools and institutions in Serbia, whether you’re a local or foreign student.

Here are a few of the best organizations to take into account:

  1. The University of Serbia

Established in 1808, the University of Belgrade is the biggest and oldest institution in Serbia. It includes 31 faculties and offers courses in the arts, law, economics, engineering, and medicine. It maintains relationships with more than 500 universities throughout the world and is well known for its research facilities. If you want a thorough education that includes a wide range of courses, this is a fantastic option.

  1. Novi Sad University

Despite being a more recent school, having been established in 1960, Serbia and the area hold a high esteem for the University of Novi Sad. It provides degrees in industries including agriculture, technology, the natural sciences, education, and the arts, and has 14 faculties that serve over 50,000 students. It places a high priority on international collaboration and is home to several international students from around Europe and beyond.

  1. Niu University

Another notable institution in Serbia is the Ni, which has seven faculties and almost 20,000 students enrolled. Among other things, it is renowned for its programs in engineering, economics, law, and medicine. It takes pride in its student-centered philosophy, which incorporates cutting-edge teaching strategies, one-on-one mentorship, and hands-on learning experiences. It has several collaborations with business and academic organizations that may open up lucrative job opportunities.

  1. Belgrade University of Arts

The University of Arts in Belgrade is a distinctive university that emphasizes music, filmmaking, and the visual and performing arts. It comprises six faculties, 1,500 students, and provides courses in acting, directing, composing, sound design, painting, sculpting, and other subjects. Although it is extremely tough and selective, it has a reputation for turning out bright and accomplished filmmakers, designers, and artists.

  1. Singidunum College

Privately owned and founded in 2005, Singidunum University has grown to rank among the most prestigious and well-liked universities in Serbia. Degrees in business, law, IT, sports, and tourism are available through its five faculties. It is famous for its cutting-edge facilities, adaptable curriculum, and global perspective, and has several connections with top universities worldwide. If you’re seeking a more focused and useful education, it’s a fantastic choice.


There are several other institutions to research in addition to these top colleges and universities in Serbia. Whether you have a passion for the social sciences, the scientific sciences, or the arts, you may discover a program that fits your requirements and career goals. To guarantee your seat, remember to properly study each college, verify their admission standards, and apply well in advance. You may realize your full potential and contribute to Serbia’s and the world’s progress with the correct education.