Block Kotak Bank Credit Card, How to Block Kotak Credit Card

Customers with credit cards from Kotak Mahindra Bank can easily use the customer care service to file complaints, look into deals, answer questions, etc. Kotak’s users can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling, sending an SMS, or emailing.

Kotak Credit Card Customer Care: 1860 266 2666

Credit card users can contact Kotak Mahindra Bank customer service through any method, such as a toll-free number, an SMS, an email, a feedback form, an interactive voice answer, etc.

There are many ways to buy Kotak. Credit Card from Mahindra Bank

It is easy for people with credit cards from Kotak Mahindra Bank to get their cards blocked. The customer can stop using his or her Kotak Mahindra credit card in one of the ways listed below.

When you bank online:

Customers of Kotak Mahindra Bank can stop using their credit cards by going to the bank’s online banking site. To prevent your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card from being blocked, your credit card account must be directly tied to Internet banking. Here are the steps to getting your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card shut down.

  • To start, sign in to your Netbanking account with your correct details.
  • Click on Service Request under Credit Cards.
  • Choose “Report a Lost Card.”

Using the netbanking methods below, the customer can also briefly block his or her Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card.

  • First, use your valid information to log in to your Kotak Netbanking account.
  • Go to credit cards and click on the Service Request link.
  • Choose “Credit Control.”

Because of Mobile Banking

If you lose, steal, or misuse your credit card, you can use Kotak Mahindra Bank’s mobile banking service to stop it. For the Kotak mobile app to let you into your account, you must link your credit card. Here are the steps you need to take to stop using your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card.

  • Use your valid information to log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Click the “Service Request” button on the “Credit Card” tab.
  • Pick Report a Lost or Damaged Card.”

Customers can also briefly block their Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card with the mobile banking tool below.

  • Click on “Credit Cards.”
  • Choose the option to ask for credit card service.
  • Choose the “Credit Card” button.

Using SMS

  • You can also block your cards by texting the bank from your registered phone number. You must send a text message with the following information:
  • SMS KCCLOST (space) (last four digits of credit card number) > 5676788

By Taking Orders by Phone

Customers of Kotak Mahindra Bank can stop their credit cards by calling the toll-free customer service line, 1860 266 2666, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have a personal customer service representative. You must provide your credit card information and verify your account. You would also have to say why you want to put a hold on your credit card.

How do I make an Application for a New Credit Card?

If your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card gets banned, you can use netbanking or mobile banking to request a new one. If your credit card gets stopped, Kotak Mahindra Bank will automatically replace it and charge you Rs 100 plus GST.

You can get a new card by following the instructions below.

With net banking, you can:

Customers must sign up for net banking to access their credit card accounts. Here are some ways you can use net banking to apply for a new card.

  • Use your valid passwords to log in to your Internet Banking account.
  • Choose “Service Request” from the “Credit Cards” menu.
  • Choose the option to request a new card.

Because of Mobile Banking

Customers of the bank can check their credit card accounts on their phones and ask for a new card.

  • First, use your valid information to log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Pick your credit card and click on Service Request.
  • Click on “Report Card Lost or Damaged.”
  • Mark the box next to “Replacement Request.”

Kotak Mahindra Credit Card Customer Care Number

CityCredit Card Customer Care Number
Chandigarh0161 6500 6022
Chennai6600 6022
Gurgaon9511 6600 6022
Jaipur6536 022
Kanpur011 6600 602
Kottayam0422 6600 6022
New Delhi6600 6022
Varanasi011 6600 6022
Pune6521 6022
Noida9511 6600 6022
Rajkot6600 6022
Mumbai6600 6022
Lucknow011 6600 6022
Jaipur6536 022
Bangalore6600 6022
Ahmedabad6600 6022
Ahmedabad6600 6022
Hyderabad6600 6022
Jalandhar95161 6500 6022
Kochi0422 6600 6022
Kolkata6550 6022
Surat6600 6022

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card Customer Care Overseas

CountryHelpline Numbers
USA1855 365 6767
HONG KONG00180044990000
U. K.0080044990000