Canara Bank Mini Statement Number, Canara Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How can I acquire a small statement from Canara Bank? You may check your mini statement to see whether your account has had any recent transactions. Canara Bank offers its clients the same micro statement option as other banks. We will learn how to obtain a Canara Bank micro statement in this article. You won’t have any questions about it if you attentively read it.

Canara Bank Mini Statement

We already know how to check the balance at Canara Bank. We now know how to obtain a small statement from Canara Bank. 09015613613 (Hindi) Make a missed call to the Canara Bank Mini Statement numbers 09015734734 for the English version and 09015613613 for the Hindi version to find out the latest five transactions.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number

Methods to get Canara Bank Mini Statement All you need to do is – make a missed call from the registered mobile phone to 09015734734 to receive the information on the most recent transactions through SMS.

How can I acquire a small statement from Canara Bank? You have five options for getting a Canara Bank mini statement: missed calls, mobile apps, online banking, and ATMs. We’ll walk you through each process in detail, step by step. Whichever procedure you find simpler, you can use.

1) Through miss call –

This is the easiest way to check Canara Bank mini statement. In this process you just have to give a missed call.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number, Canara Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number is – 09015734734 (English), 09015613613 (Hindi)

  1. This number has to be copied and pasted in the dial of your phone.
  2. Then call that number from the number registered with the bank.
  3. The call will be disconnected in a short while and you will get a message with the mini statement.

2) Using an ATM –

You must be familiar with ATM cards. It may be used for money withdrawals as well as other banking-related tasks. You may also read your account’s mini-statement using an ATM card from Canara Bank if you have one on hand. You need to visit the closest ATM for this. You may use any ATM at a bank.

After visiting, you must put your card into the reader. The PIN must be entered once you are prompted to do so. You will now have a variety of choices. A mini statement must be chosen. The tiny statement will be seen.

3) Using a mobile app

Customers of Canara Bank have access to a mobile app as well. You can perform all tasks linked to banking using a mobile app. If you utilise it, you can also see the small statement with the aid of it. Register it beforehand if you are not going to use it.

  1. Start by launching the Canara ai1 smartphone application.Then enter your login pin to access this Canara Bank app on Android or iOS 2.
  2. After logging in, you will see a statement option on the home page; choose it.
  3. The small statement may be found there.

4) Utilising Net Banking

Many banking tasks are performed using online banking. You may use this to view the mini-statement of your account if you utilise Canara Bank’s online banking service. You just need to follow a few simple steps, so let’s look at them:

  • Visit Canara Bank’s nett banking website first.
  • Click the NETT BANKING button that appears after that.
  • Then, enter your Username and Password, and click “Login.”
  • You will next arrive to the website’s dashboard, where you may see your account number, name, branch, and current balance.
  • Click on the button labelled “VIEW TRANSACTION HISTORY” that appears below that. The list of transactions will be displayed.


How to view the balance on a Canara Bank account?

  • There are several ways to check the balance of a Canara Bank account. By dialling 09015483483 you may find out your account’s balance. You may also send the SMS CANBALUSER IDMPIN to 5607060 . to get your account’s balance.

How can a mobile number be registered with Canara Bank?

  • Visit the closest branch if you wish to register a mobile number with a Canara Bank account. There, you may pick up a form, complete it, and turn it in with your KYC paperwork. Your account will be updated with your mobile number.

How much money must be in your Canara Bank savings account to maintain a balance?

  • A minimum amount of Rs. 1000 is required to open an account in a metro or urban region, while a minimum balance of Rs. 500 is required to open an account in a rural area.