Cures Login: How can I Login Cures Easily?

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How can I log in to Cures easily?

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Cures Login: What Is It?

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Controlled Substance Use and Review Evaluation System (CURES) is the major problem. For patients in California, it is a platform that keeps track of all Schedule II-V-banned drugs.

What is the Cures login process?

To begin with, to utilize Cures, you must first complete its requirements and initially register for an account. Here, there are two methods to log in.

Following clicking on this link on their website,, you may either go directly to the Cures website and click on login or go from a screen that pops before you.

  • Step 1: An interface will appear in your front view after you click the link. After arriving there, you must click the login button on the page that appears and enter the username and password you previously provided. You can now access your account by logging in.

If you can’t remember your username or password before checking in to your account, move on to step 2. You must click on Forgot Username and Forgot Password after entering the information you gave while creating the account.

Any of them will automatically redirect you to a new website once you click on it. Click the I’m not a robot button to confirm your account username or email address. You then click the Verify Cure Account button.

  • In Step 3, you must select Register for an Account if you are a novice. A form where you may enter all the necessary information to establish your account will then be displayed.

Keep in mind that you must submit every piece of information requested here. You must submit your first name and last name for personal identification verification.

You need to provide your mother’s maiden name in the following section. You must fill out your full name, birth date, and birth city. It is necessary to click and then verify the final captcha.

Additionally, you may get the assistance you need by clicking Need Help or Contact The Cures Help Desk. Please take note that this assistance subject is located on the first page.


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