Delete Google Maps, How to Delete Google Maps Account

It’s incredibly simple to delete my Google Maps account, but not everyone understands how. The Timeline, Customization, Location history, and Search history are a few options for doing this.

How to Delete Google Maps Account

Place history

You can remove your location history from Google Maps, but it may not be a good idea for everyone. It might be a little unsettling for folks who don’t want Google to monitor their whereabouts. Google, though, may be a helpful tool if you want to know where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.

You must first check in to your Google account in order to remove location history from Google Maps. Once you’ve done so, your timeline will be visible, and you’ll be able to filter by day, city, and kind of location. Additionally, you may stop or remove the location history and download or export your data.

You may view the locations you’ve visited as well as a timeline of your travels in the location history tool. Additional filters include day, travel, and location type. Additionally, you may view your customized advertisements and trip time predictions.

If you don’t want Google to know where you’re headed, you might also wish to remove your Google search history. It is possible to accomplish this from the desktop version as well as from an Android mobile device.

Search results

If you wish to erase outdated information or have privacy concerns, it’s a good idea to delete your Google Maps search history. Google stores information about your location and search history, and it’s simple to examine and remove anything you don’t want. Additionally, it offers a search history filter that enables you to view searches from the previous week, month, or even year.

You must launch the program and choose Settings in order to remove search history from Google Maps. When the option appears, you must confirm your deletion. Then the app will be shut off. You’ll need to sign in to Google if you don’t already have one in order to remove your search history.

You must also choose the time period for which you wish to remove your search history. Select the “Date” option if you wish to remove search history for a specified time period. You may also choose the “All time” filter.

You may eliminate searches under the Google Maps Activity area as well. You have two options for doing this: manually or using the filters. For instance, choose the “All Time” filter if you want to remove every piece of data you’ve ever accessed.


By adjusting the settings in the app, you can deactivate your Google Maps account, whether you’re on an Android smartphone or a computer. Google lets you choose a time limit for location history or completely wipe it. Additionally, you may choose to retrieve your data and disable location history.

On your Android smartphone, launch the Google Maps app first. On the upper right, you will see your profile photo. To access the menu, tap it. Navigate to Privacy and Settings. The “Personal Content” option will then appear. The location history setting is editable.

After 18 months, Google will remove your location records. You may touch the Settings icon and disable Location History to get rid of it faster. You won’t lose the destinations you’ve bookmarked, but this will delete your activity from Google Maps. The length of your search history is also modifiable.


You may alter the appearance and feel of your Google Maps by adding a custom style. A custom style may have components like layers, map IDs, and custom routes. The styles are “live,” which means that until they are published, only a draft version of the style is visible to the general public on a map. You can duplicate, remove, or rename the style, as well as modify its name. You may use a template or the pre-built Google Map styles to generate the first instance of a style. In order to monitor the whereabouts of a style’s components, you may additionally add map IDs to the style.

Additionally, you may include a map marker to designate a particular place. You may do things like post comments, disclose your location, and provide step-by-step instructions. By clicking the marker to see the editing options, you may delete a map marker. Additionally, you may rename, remove, and delete layers from a map.