Delete Hotmail Account, How to Delete My Hotmail Account 

Using a Hotmail, Yahoo, or MSN account is a great way to remain in touch with loved ones. It might be challenging to find the time to manage your email account when it begins to overflow. Additionally, it may get pretty pricey. You might want to think about moving to a different service if you discover that you are checking your email excessively. Here are some pointers to get you going.

Delete outdated email addresses

From your Hotmail account, delete outdated email addresses. If you’ve been around email your entire life, you should do this. It not only aids in keeping track of your loved ones, but it also keeps you organised.

How to Delete My Hotmail Account

Choose the email service you want to use in the first step. Either use Google’s service or choose a different supplier.

You’ll also need to update your password. Even though it could be tempting, you run the danger of having your email accounts hacked if you use the same password across all of them. You may also configure two-factor authentication. This will assist you in preventing unscrupulous hackers from logging in.

Additionally, you may remove unnecessary contacts from your Hotmail account. Using this approach is simpler than you may imagine. Go to the Mail sidebar and select the “Previous Recipients” tab to accomplish this. Once there, select “Remove from List” from the menu.

Obtain your previous emails

There are programs available that can help you retrieve your previous emails, whether you unintentionally deleted one or were the target of a hacker assault. But to be sure your emails are secure, keep your password private and take a few easy precautions.

To begin with, you should always attempt to save old emails to a secure location for archiving. To discover whether there are any emails you haven’t yet erased, you might wish to check your junk mail folder.

Checking the recycle bin on your computer is another way to locate missing emails. To retrieve your previous emails, you may also utilize a third-party service, although you might have to pay a small fee.

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the most widely used data recovery solutions. Including digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, and hard disks, this program offers recovery. Additionally, it has a tempting selection of functions, such as data recovery after a virus assault.

Remove your previous contacts

When you close your Hotmail account, remove your previous contacts as well. This is a simple technique to guarantee the confidentiality of private information. Your contacts won’t be accessible to anyone else after all. You can delete all of your contacts from your Hotmail account in a matter of seconds.

A popup will show up once you click the “Delete” button on the toolbar above your contacts list. You must type your Hotmail password into this window. You can reset or modify your password if you can’t remember it. Click “Yes” to confirm your password if you need to.

It will ask you to select an email client after you’ve entered your Hotmail password. Google or Yahoo! are your options. Microsoft e-mail is an option if you use Microsoft products.

You will be required to sign in after making your choice of email client. Email redirection is an additional option. You may configure your original Hotmail address to redirect to another webmail provider if you wish to keep using it.

Change to Gmail

It’s not difficult to change your email address, but you must take care to avoid losing any emails in the process. There are a lot of software tools that can assist you in recovering lost emails.

By inputting your previous email address, you may switch to Gmail. On the Accounts and Import page of the Gmail website, click the Import Mail and Contacts option in the second column.

You may decide how many days’ worth of emails you wish to preserve on your device if you have a Gmail account. Your Gmail account’s settings will determine how this works. Keeping a copy of your emails in your inbox is another option. If you download your messages to your phone, you won’t be able to access them online.

You can forward emails to a different address as well. Most email accounts are compatible with this functionality. You must utilize the desktop version of the Gmail website to accomplish this.