Delete KakaoTalk, How to Delete My KakaoTalk Account

remove my Kakotalk account You might be wondering how to deactivate your KakaoTalk account if you’ve become disinterested in the service or perhaps have a new cellphone number. There are two approaches, to put it simply. One requires deleting the account itself, while the other involves removing the app from your phone.

How to Delete My KakaoTalk Account

Before you can remove a Kakao account, unregister from Kakao Talk and Kakao Story.

The process of deleting your Kakao account might be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few approaches to closing your Kakao account without harming your friends.

Uninstalling the Kakao Story app is one alternative. Search for the Kakao Story app in the Google Play Store to do this. You might need to get in touch with the business personally if you can’t find it.

Another choice is to help you deactivate your Kakao account by using a program like DoNotPay. Using this service will ensure that all of the data on your account is totally deleted.

You must unregister from all Kakao services prior to being able to remove a Kakao account. You must deactivate your Kakao Talk and Kakao Story accounts. The two most well-known services that Kakao provides are these two.

You shouldn’t have any issues deactivating your Kakao account if you have unregistered from all of Kakao’s services. However, you can run into issues if you are unable to receive emails or if you are unaware of your Kakao password. In this situation, you must visit the Delete Kakao Account page and adhere to the steps there.

After backing up chat history, recover deleted messages.

You may recover deleted messages by employing a chat history backup. These emails are retrievable from your iCloud or Google Drive account. For Android users, the procedure is similar. Before you can recover any data, you must install the program and create a backup of it.

Sign into your Google account first if you wish to recover messages from your Google Drive account. Go to the Databases tab next. The list of your Archived Chats will then appear when you choose the “Chats” section.

Choose a conversation from the list after that. You have the option of choosing certain messages or all of the messages from a particular contact. To only display deleted things, use the “Display deleted items only” option. Then you may choose “Keep Messages” from the menu.

After that, select “Recover” from the menu. Input fields for your phone number and validation code will appear. The thorough scan could take some time, depending on your network connection.

Remove KakaoTalk

If you’re not a computer whiz, removing KakaoTalk might be challenging. KakaoTalk might be challenging to remove manually, therefore, you might want to use an uninstaller from a third party.

Almost all Windows versions are compatible with the messaging and chat program KakaoTalk. Tablets and PDAs are not compatible with it. Furthermore, it is unable to access Wi-Fi, cellular data, or the Internet.

You can use the procedures below to remove KakaoTalk for PC. You may start by visiting Programs and Features in your Control Panel. You will see the list of apps as well as their star ratings. A decent antivirus tool should be able to identify spyware and viruses.

You may choose KakaoTalk by clicking the Add or Remove Programs button in the Control Panel. You may select the Uninstall button when you locate it. You might need to utilize the Windows Registry Editor if you don’t see an Uninstall button.

Add another without a phone number.

There are several ways to open a new KakaoTalk account without a cellphone number. A false number, PVASMS, or Online SIM are a few possibilities. You can also take a few more steps if you want to simplify the procedure. These include signing up using an email address, generating a fictitious phone number, or using DoNotPay to generate a temporary number.

PVASMS is a Korean service that generates a false KakaoTalk number. PVASMS will email you a verification code when you’ve finished the registration procedure. After then, you may send SMS using that number. This implies there are no issues receiving SMS messages online.

Through a smartphone app, one can create a new KakaoTalk ID without a cell number. On a tablet or PC, you can register for the service using this app. Following registration, you may begin looking for new friends or contacting customer support. You can contact customer care by email if you run into any issues throughout the sign-up process.