Delete Pinterest, How to Delete My Pinterest Account

It’s simple to delete your Pinterest account. All you have to do is adhere to a few instructions. You can erase your boards and profile, as well as terminate or deactivate your account.

Delete your account

You may use Pinterest to share your photographs and arrange your thoughts, whether you are using it for personal or professional purposes. There is a tonne of motivational information on Pinterest, and you can even create group boards. However, it’s simple to deactivate your profile if you decide that your Pinterest account has grown monotonous and you want to start again.

How to Delete My Pinterest Account

To delete your account, either utilise the Pinterest app or navigate to the website’s administrative page. For further information, get in touch with Pinterest’s customer service department.

You must log into the website first in order to cancel your account. Click the settings tab after logging in. At the top right of the screen, there are three horizontal dots that you can see. Select “Change Settings” from the menu.

You will then arrive at an account management page with the options to terminate your account and delete your account. You will be asked to provide a reason for leaving after selecting the option to terminate your account.

Turn off your account.

There are a few procedures you must follow, whether you want to terminate your account or merely disable it. You can carry out this action using email, a mobile app, or a web browser. An email address and password are all that are required.

It’s incredibly simple to deactivate your Pinterest account. You should start by visiting your profile page. Click the “Deactivate account” icon when you get there. You will be required to give a justification for why you wish to cancel your account. By choosing a motive, then selecting “Yes, Delete Account.”

  • After selecting “Yes, Delete Account,” Pinterest will send you an email. To reactivate your account, you will have 14 days.

Your Pinterest account will thereafter be permanently terminated. Your profile won’t appear in the home feed or on Pinterest. Additionally, you will lose any boards and stored materials you have made. It’s vital to remember that before you can cancel your account, Pinterest will need to know if you have purchased advertising for your account.

Take your boards down.

It’s easy to delete your boards on Pinterest, and it won’t take much of your time. You may do it on a PC, a mobile device, or online. However, you must use caution when doing so. It can result in additional issues with your account.

You’ll need to go into your account and locate the board you wish to delete if you’ve made the decision to erase your Pinterest boards. You will then need to confirm your desire to remove it.

Additionally, you may delete portions of your Pinterest profile. You will find it simpler to locate and examine the boards you wish to see as a result.

When you’ve located the board you wish to remove, hit the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to do so. You’ll reach the account’s settings page after doing this. You may then select “Delete” or “Archive” from the drop-down menu.

Shut off your account

You may easily delete your Pinterest account if you’ve become bored with the website’s interface or have lost interest in it. There won’t be any data loss. You will receive a confirmation email throughout the procedure. The account cannot be totally deleted until after 14 days. After that, you can reactivate your account.

Visit Account Settings and choose Close Account to delete your Pinterest account. You must choose a reason for cancelling your account on the next page. You will get an email with directions on how to accomplish this if you select a reason other than temporary deactivation.

By clicking the link in the email you got from Pinterest, you can delete your account. Following this, you will have fourteen days to revive your Pinterest account. Contact Pinterest support if you do not get an email.

There are no assurances that Pinterest won’t delete your account. Your folders and pins are not retrievable. You may still get into your Pinterest account, though.