Delete Amazon Account, How to Delete Amazon Account

How to Delete an Account on Amazon: Amazon is an online retailer that offers a wide range of products, including CDs, books, clothing, accessories, home appliances, and electrical devices. Recently, several of our readers have said that they desire to remove themselves from the Amazon website.

How to Delete Amazon Account

When we researched this subject, we discovered that many customers delete their accounts after receiving spam emails from the firm in connection with the advertising of a new product.

If a firm sends you a promotional email, you may permanently delete it by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or just designate it as spam. If you have another reason, I’ll walk you through the process of deleting your Amazon account, step by step.

A Brief Overview of the Company

Jeff Bezos developed Amazon, one of the top international and Indian e-commerce websites for online buying. Currently, the firm sells its goods in 15 different nations. The business brought in up to 107 billion dollars in sales in 2015 alone, and it employs up to 230,800 people.

Delete Your Amazon Account Here

The following are two ways you can ask them to remove your account from their database:

Account Delete through Company Website

  1. Visit the website where you created your account, either
  2. Use your account to log in.
  3. Access the help menu then descend so you can see an alternative. peruse the assistance topics
  4. In the explore assistance subject, select the customer service pop-up link before contacting us.
  5. Go to option 2 on the contact us page and describe your problem to us.
  6. a specific issue select another issue
  7. Selecting the email option now brought up a new window.
  8. Enter your account deletion request in the Enter Information field.

Account Cancellation by Email

  • Log into your email.
  • Create a new email and send it to
  • Write an email referencing the example of deleting an account here.
  • Enter a topic for your email, such as “Request to delete my account,” and click “Send.”

These are the two methods for deleting an account. Wait for their response back as account deletion from their database may take several days.