Delete Your Ebay Account, How to Delete Your Ebay Account

How to Delete an Account on eBay: Customers may deactivate their accounts from basic websites and online stores for a variety of reasons. When we investigate it, we discover that email spamming by their promotional mail is the primary cause of account deletion for customers.

How to Delete Ebay Account

By selecting the unsubscribe option at the conclusion of your promotional email, you may quickly stop sending spammy emails. If you have a different reason, I’ll walk you through the process of removing your account from the Ebay database, step by step.

A Brief Overview of the Company

Pierre Omidyar launched the Flipkart firm, which is among the top international and Indian internet retailers. Ebay is an online retailer that offers both business-to-business and consumer-to-business services. In only 2015, the business brought in up to 8.9 million dollars. The number of employees at eBay is 34,600.

How To Delete An Account On eBay

The following are two ways you can ask them to remove your account from their database:

Account Delete through Company Website

Account Cancellation Through Phone Call

  • Make a call to 1800-209-3229.
  • deciding to call a customer service agent
  • Request that they close your account.

These are the two methods for deleting an account. The firm does not currently accept email help from customers.

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