Fidelity Login: How To Login Fidelity Account?

Fidelity Login: How Do I Quickly Log In? Good day, and welcome to Fidelity Login. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for information on accessing your Fidelity account right now.

Login To Fidelity Account

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Fidelity Login definition:

Fidelity assists you with financial planning, investment management, brokerage, wealth management, retirement planning, and Internet trading.

Fidelity in a Nutshell:

Fidelity Management and Research, sometimes called Fidelity Investments or just Fidelity, is a worldwide American financial services company with its main office in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • It has a private reputation. Additionally, it offers financial services to the sector.
  • Headquarters: This company’s headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.
  • Affiliates: This company’s subsidiaries include Fidelity International and Strategic Advisers LLC.
  • Edward C. II. Johnson served as the organization’s founder.
  • 1946 is the establishment year and location. USA: Boston, Massachusetts. It changed its name to Fidelity Management and Research around 77 years ago.
  • Its service area included the entire planet.
  • Abigail Johnson, the CEO, is known by these names.
  • IRAs, 401(k), 529, mutual funds that invest in annuities, investment funds, retirement plans, advice on life insurance, bank accounts, and credit cards.
  • Participates in retirement planning and counseling as a financial planner, wealth manager, investment manager, and stockbroker.
  • The projected increase in revenue for 2021 is USD 24 billion.
  • As of the first of August, AUM had increased to US$4.5 trillion.
  • The company’s assets increased to US$11.7 trillion as of August 1, 2023.
  • Abigail Johnson and her family currently hold 49% of the business.
  • In addition, both present and past workers (51%).
  • They will have about 57,000 employees as of 2022.
  • This company’s website address is

How does the Fidelity login work?

You must create an account as a user by entering your necessary, accurate information here, and only then will you be qualified to log in.

The initial step in logging in is as follows:

Open a web browser on your device of choice, and then type the URL into the address bar:

  • Following that, you press the search button and wait.
  • A new page will now load and appear in front of you.
  • Next, enter the “Username” you gave when creating your account in the first box on the left.
  • Next, enter your previous password in the box just below it.
  • Here, keep in mind to check the “Remember Me” option to save yourself the trouble of continually typing your login or password into both fields.
  • With confidence, you now click the “Login” button and go to your destination.

New users should:

Click the “Register Now” button below the phrase “New User” in the upper right corner of the same page if you are a new user.

A new page will open before you, where you may input the necessary information and press the proceed button.


As a user, you must never forget this for your own protection. Because of this, you won’t ever divulge any of your personal information to anyone else.


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