GCKEY Login Loop? How to Fix Canada CIC Website GCkey Login Loop’? 

How to Fix the ‘Canada CIC Website GCkey Login Loop’? CIC Login Loop and Loop,

You should erase the browser’s cache and delete any browser cookies. Then, attempt to log in with your username and password and the Woohoo No More Language Selection Page Loop.

Even if you have inputted the correct ID and password, the CIC/IRCC website will occasionally redirect you to the Language selection page, making it difficult to log in. This is the known GCKey Login Loop issue. If you have CIC login issues or cannot log in to your myCIC account, we have provided a Fix here. There is no problem with your computer, so relax. The issue stems from the IRCC website’s layout.

Canada CIC Immigration Website Loop Fix [CIC Login Loop Fix]

Step 1: Open CIC Website in Google Chrome Browser

If you click here, the Canada CIC Login page will open in the Google Chrome browser. Find the address bar on your computer, click the small “lock” icon right next to the address bar and “canada.ca,” and then click “cookies.”

image 142

Step 2: Clear Cookies and Cache

You must now click on each cookie individually to delete it. Empty the cookie box.

image 143

Step 3: Try to Log In with GC Key or With Sign-in Partner

You should now attempt to log in using your username and password. It should now function properly. Enjoy and Good Luck.

FAQs on GCkey Login Loop

Is my user name and password for my GCkey right?

If IRCC doesn’t tell you that your User ID or Password is wrong and sends you to the language page, then your ID and Pass are right. To log in and see your Canada visa application, you just need to follow the steps above and clear your browser’s cookies.

Signing in to the Canada Visa page is hard? Can you get in right?

Even if you use the right ID and password to log in to the CIC/IRCC website, it will sometimes send you to a page where you can choose your language. This is the GCKey Login Loop problem that everyone knows about. There is no clear solution to this problem from Canadian immigration. The only fix we’ve tried and tested that always works is to delete the browser cookies.