How to Recover PC Financial Username if You Forgot

One of the many financial services offered by renowned institution PC Financial is internet banking. To preserve the security of your PC Financial account, it is crucial to have a unique and recognisable username. But you may occasionally need to reset your PC Financial login for a variety of reasons, such as forgetting it or changing it for security concerns.

your PC’s financial login restored Using their official website or mobile application, you may easily create a username. There are a few procedures you may utilize on their website or mobile application to reset or recover your PC Financial login username.

PC Financial Lost Password

It is possible for someone to lose their username for PC Financial’s online banking. If you’ve forgotten your PC Financial Username, there is a simple way to retrieve it and regain access to your online banking account.

To start the recovery process, use your preferred web browser and go to the PC Financial website. Look for a link that reads “Forgot Username?” or “Recover Username.” When you click on it, a webpage will be opened so that you may start the recovery procedure. If you’ve forgotten your PC Financial login, you may use a few different techniques to get it back and regain access to your online banking account.

How to Retrieve a Financial Username from a PC

Use the techniques listed below to retrieve your PC Financial login username if you’ve misplaced it or forgotten it.

  1. Open your browser on your device, then navigate to to access PC Financial’s official website.
  2. Click the “Forgot Username” button when you are unable to retrieve your username.
  3. Following the “Forgot Username” button click, a new window will appear.
  4. Then, it will request certain personal data associated with the account, such as the “Card Number,” “Card Expiry” with Month and Year, and the “Primary Phone Number” associated with the account.
  5. Enter the needed data, then press the submit button.
  6. They can provide you your Username via phone or email if those are associated with your account.
  7. You may go back to the PC Financial login page and enter the retrieved username and password there.
  8. Using your PC Financial login username, you may now log in successfully.

How to Change or Reset Your PC’s Financial Login Username or ID

By following the steps below, you may reset or modify your PC Financial Login User ID or Username.

  1. Go to to access the official PC Financial website.
  2. Enter the correct login information for your PC Financial Account to log in.
  3. Go to the Account or Profile Section’s Settings now.
  4. Choose “Change Username” or “Reset Username” from the menu.
  5. Once there, you are on the page where you may change your username.
  6. Check availability by using a special username.
  7. Verify the username and enter your password, “Card Number,” or “Account Number” to confirm.
  8. Then it sends a verification code to your phone or email, which you must then validate.
  9. ‘Your Username is Successfully Updated’ appeared on the screen.
  10. Finally, you may successfully log in to your PC Financial Account using a new, updated login.

The majority of banks do not allow you to alter the account’s “Username,” but with the right security justifications, the bank will let you. Ask the staff at your local bank branch for guidance before altering your PC’s financial login username.

Customer Support’s Instructions for Changing or Resetting Your PC’s Financial Login Username

Use the instructions below to retrieve or reset your PC Financial login username with the help of customer service.

  • Find out how to contact PC Financial customer care. The majority of it is accessible on their website.
  • Explain that you need assistance with your login username when you call customer care.
  • The customer support representative will inquire about your personal information, such as your name and date of birth, and inquire about your PC Financial account in order to verify your identity.
  • Once they have confirmed your identity, they can advise you on how to restore or reset your login username.
  • They may help you create a new username or assist you in regaining your existing one.
  • The customer support representative can provide you with your recovered username once you have completed all required steps.
  • You may now go back to the PC Financial account login page and enter your freshly created username and password.

How to Retrieve a Financial Username from a PC with Phone Support

Wait for a callback when you dial 1866 246 7262 to reach customer support. Inform the agent you need assistance recovering or resetting your PC Financial login username after connecting the call. To confirm your identity, the agent will quiz you.

Prepare to provide personal data such as your full name, birth date, and any other details pertaining to your PC Financial account. The customer care representative will now give the username.

How to Get Back Your Email Support Username for Your PC Financial Account

You should specify in your email to that you need help finding or resetting your PC Financial login username. Clearly state your request and provide any details that can aid in confirming your identity. Please provide all the information about you that is relevant and connected to your PC Financial account.

How to Retrieve the Username of a PC Financial Account by Going to a Bank Branch Channel

Visit a PC Financial Bank branch near you or the account’s home branch and ask to recover your username with the necessary identification. The branch support colleagues will check your request and handle it in accordance with the rules right away.

How can I get my PC Financial Username back?

  • Go to the PC Financial login page by navigating.
  • Please click the “Forgot Username” link to recover your account.
  • Please follow the instructions to submit identification.
  • Send your login username by email after checking for confirmation.

What authorized website should you use to retrieve or change your PC Financial login username? is the official website for retrieving or resetting your PC Financial login username.

What is My PC Financial Username and How Do I Change It?

You may change your account username using your PC Financial online account. After logging in, navigate to ‘Accounts and Cards’. Choose the account for which you wish to change your username after making sure “Account” is selected. To modify the username for that account, choose “Username” now.

Why am I unable to access PC Financial?

Incorrect login information will result in PC Financial rejecting your login attempt. More attempts will result in a temporary account ban. Click the Forgot Password button when prompted to sign in. Please contact PC Optimum Customer Care or dial this customer service number at 1866 246 7262 for assistance with any more problems.