IPPB Bank Mini Statement Number, IPPB Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How do I obtain a mini statement from India Post Payment Bank? Every India Post Payment Bank task is mobile-compatible. You are not required to visit the bank. You may also look at your post-payment bank account’s mini-statement. You must follow a few steps in order to do this. We’ll talk about how to obtain an India Post Payment Bank mini statement in this article. Please pay attention as you read on.

IPPB Bank Mini Statement

By using the missed call banking feature, you may access your account information without any problems, thus enhancing the comfort of banking with IPPB. To begin receiving advantages from IPPB’s missed call banking service, register your cellphone number. We occasionally need to view the brief statement. A mini statement is a useful tool for viewing the specifics of the most recent account activity.

IPPB Bank Mini Statement Number

You can see it well as well. Please describe the simple procedure for obtaining a mini-statement from India Post Payment Bank. We already know how to check the balance in the India Post Payment Bank. We now know how to obtain a small statement from India Post Payment Bank.

How to obtain a small statement from India Post Payment Bank: Various procedures There are several ways to obtain an India Post Payment Bank mini statement, all of which are included here. You may choose whichever method you want to utilise.

1) Via missed call

The simplest approach to view a mini statement for an India Post Payment Bank account is through here. By making a missed call during this procedure, you can view your account’s mini-statement.

India Post Payment Bank Mini Statement Number is – 8424026886

  • When you click on this number, your phone’s dial will appear.
  • The SIM card connected to your bank account must then be used to place calls.
  • Soon the call will end, and you will receive the brief statement over SMS.

2) Using SMS –

SMS is a further simple method of obtaining a mini-statement of your India Post Payment Bank account. You only need to send an SMS to the bank’s supplied number to complete this process.

The message must include the word MINI and be sent to 7738062873 Only the SIM card that is registered with the bank may be used to send this message. You will receive a message with a brief summary of your account’s activity shortly after the message has been sent.

3) Using a mobile app

You may complete all those banking-related tasks with the aid of the mobile app from India Post Payment Bank. If you utilise this app, you can also see the small statement with its assistance. Let’s go over the entire procedure.

  1. First, download the IPPB Mobile application. Then, enter your MPIN to log in to this app on Android or iOS 2.
  2. After signing in, you will see how much money is in your account. Click on the link that says “VIEW STATEMENT” below to view your statement.
  3. Next, decide the date you want to view the statement for.
  4. Your Indian Post Payment Bank account statement will appear.


How can I sign up for SMS Banking through India Post Payments Bank?

  • Sending a message is all that is required to register for SMS banking. You must include the word REGISTER in your message and text it to 7738062873 You will get a second message after the first one telling you that the SMS banking service has been activated on your number.

How can I view my balance in the India Post Payment Bank?

  • To check the balance of the India Post Payment Bank, dial 8424046556  Additionally, you have the option to check your bank balance by sending an SMS. You must include BAL in the message and send it to 7738062873 in order to do this. Through SMS, you will receive information on the balance in your account.

How can I access an ATM for India Post Payment Bank?

  • Only Virtual Debit Cards, which you can view on their app, are provided by India Post Payment Bank. The bank does not presently provide physical debit card facilities.

Summary –

In this post, we have detailed instructions on how to obtain a small statement from Indian Post Payment Bank. We really hope that after reading this post, you won’t encounter any issues. However, if you run into any issues, please let us know in the comment area below and we’ll do our best to resolve them.

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