Jio Call History, How to Get Jio Call History Details in 2024?

Call History on Jio How to View Jio’s Call History Reliance The largest telecom provider in the nation, Jio, continues to grow daily. Because of its appealing features and services, the organization will really increase the number of members. So, in that vein, we’ll inform you of one of its greatest features: online call history checking. Through the My Jio application, you may use the ability to view the history of your calls, SMS, and data usage.

Jio Call History

It may occasionally be challenging to maintain track of our call history due to limitless calling plans and the amount of data that has to be managed. And there are times when we need to review the call history for a variety of reasons that are either personal or linked to our jobs. In circumstances like this, we frequently question how to view call history in Jio. You may easily check your call history online by following a few simple steps.

How Can I View My Call History?

Step 1: Check and log in to the My Jio application using a Jio number.
Step 2: Next, tap the Statement that appears on the screen.
Step 3: Next, pick the dates by tapping the View Now option.
Step 4: Next, you must select Usage Charges from the menu, where you may choose from the three options of Data, Voice, and SMS.
Step 5: Next, you must select the Voice section to view the specifics of your calls.

The function offers two further choices: downloading the statement or requesting an email with extra information. The business also offers you the option of contacting customer support to have this service performed. To obtain the information, all you have to do is ring 198 and provide the precise date. They will confirm that you have provided them with the necessary information. Customer service representatives will disclose the call history and recording after validating the information. The firm also lets you view the call logs for other Jio numbers in addition to this functionality.

Lookup Call Records for Another Number

Step 1: Log in to your My Jio Account, and then click the option to create a new account.
Step 2: To get further information, you then wrote down a different Jio number.
Step 3: After it is finished, you will receive an OTP. You must then link the accounts after entering the OTP.
Step 4: Next, you’ll be presented with three choices, including Voice, Calls, and SMS.
Step 5: To learn more about the call history, click the voice component after that.

How can I view the last 30 days’ worth of Jio calls?

You may utilize the My statement area of the My Jio app to view the whole Jio call history for the past 30 days or specific time periods.

  • In the upper right corner of the My Jio app, select the Menu bar.
  • Then, on the navigation bar, click the My statement option.
  • A drop-down menu with two dates is now shown. Simply choose the dates you want the statement to cover. Choose the beginning date in the first drop-down menu and the ending date in the second.
  • Following that, you have three choices: View statement; Email statement; and Download statement.
  • Choose the option you want to view, then click the submit button.
  • In order to examine the specifics of your Jio call history, pick voice under the usage charges option in the top bar.

View the Call History for Associated Jio Numbers

You may look up the numbers connected to your My Jio app. You must access the associated Jio account in the My Jio app to obtain the information. The associated Jio mobile number will then receive a one-time password that you may use to access the specifics of your call history. Enter the received OTP in the space provided to access Jio’s call and data history, among other things.

How to get rid of the Jio number’s call history

If you want to get rid of the call history associated with your Jio number, carefully read and adhere to the instructions below so that you don’t run into any difficulties.

Because the Jio firm has tied this service, you won’t be able to delete the incoming call history of your Jio number if you wish to delete the specifics of your incoming calls. You will only be able to delete Jio’s incoming call details. Since the Jio business itself terminated it, there is no way to delete the details of incoming calls made to that number, thus you can only delete the outgoing call history.

How to delete Jio’s outgoing call information

The first thing you need to do is download the “my Jio app,” which you can do from the Google Play store. It is excellent if this application is already installed on your phone. People may get my Jio from the play store if they don’t already have it on their phones.

When you access the my Jio app for the first time after installing it, you must establish an account by entering your cellphone number and the OTP. However, if the Jio number whose call history you need to delete is already stored on your mobile device, you won’t need to establish an account; login will take place immediately.

When you launch the My Jio app, a screen similar to the one in the picture below will appear. You need to update My Jio if you already have it installed.

When you pick that choice, not one, not two, but three options will appear; you must choose “Call.” You may view the specifics of your Jio number’s most recent day of outgoing calls here. Additionally, if you wish to extract 3 or 6 months’ worth of call history for a Jio number, there is an option at the bottom that you may select as seen in the picture below.

You must now choose the date, or the range of dates from which you wish to erase the call information. For instance, I would applaud appropriately if I wanted to retrieve the Jio SIM’s call history for the last seven days.

Your phone’s recent six months of calls from Jio

Utilize the step-by-step instructions to retrieve your Jio call history.

  • Open Google Play Store first, then install the MYJIO app.
  • Now sign into the app when the installation is finished.
  • Link your Jio number to the app next.
  • then choose Mobile from the page’s options.
  • Enter your Jio number and choose Get OTP on the following screen.
  • An OTP will be sent to you. Enter it and submit.
  • Now the app has your Jio number.
  • Next In the upper left corner, click the three horizontal lines.
  • Now select “My Statement” from the menu, and a form similar to this one will appear.
  • Dates must be entered, then click View.

Questions and Answers

How can I get my deleted call history back?

  • On an Android phone that is at least a couple years old, follow these instructions: Reset your phone, select to restore the Google Drive backup during setup, and then follow the on-screen directions to finish the process of restoring all call logs.

Can I obtain call information for any number?

  • The third-party application is unable to provide you access to the call logs of any other numbers, including your own. Every third-party app that makes the claim to offer call detail is fake. They only display the call history that they have retrieved from your phone.

Without a computer, how can I recover my lost call history?

  • The best approach to recover lost calls without a computer is using cloud backups like Google Drive or Onedrive. Additionally, you may see all of your calling records using this way from any Android device.

How Can I Check Another Jio Number’s Call History?

  • In addition to this feature, the app allows you to view the history of other Jio numbers. To start, sign in to MyJio Account and select the “Create New Account” link. Step 2: You’ve called a separate Jio number to obtain further details.


You may use the facts of your Jio calls history to help you remember certain events. For instance, if you contact a buddy for assistance and they need it on another day, you must remember that day and seek out the person you phoned. You may then use my Jio statements or the history of Jio calls. Additionally, you can retrieve previous phone number information that was not saved on your mobile device.