Lock CIBC Debit Card, How to Lock CIBC Debit Card

We are aware that protecting your finances and preventing fraud are top priorities. Having said that, it’s critical that you can handle your money without being concerned about unwanted access. Therefore, CIBC has a function that enables you to temporarily freeze your card. However, keep reading.

How can I secure my CIBC debit card?

You cannot lock CIBC debit cards, which is a small drawback. A credit card is the only item that has a lock and unlock capability. Therefore, you should check CIBC Online or Mobile Banking to get the credit card information if you lose this card.

But what other choices do you have if you can’t lock your CIBC debit card? We’ll demonstrate what you can do to protect your debit card, though. There are options available to you if you lose the card so that you can obtain a new one.

Report your CIBC Debit Card loss and obtain a replacement right away.

Since you cannot lock your debit card yourself, if you are certain that you have lost it, you will need to file a police report. You can explain what occurred to the card to a CIBC employee, and they will cancel it on your behalf. It is risky to keep your lost card active, so do this right away.

You will soon receive a replacement after the cancellation. And don’t be alarmed! If someone attempts to use your old card, it is useless since it will not function.

Guidelines for CIBC Debit Card Security

If you misplace your credit cards or suspect that someone could be watching you to steal your information, you should lock them. But regrettably, locking CIBC debit cards is not the same; you must carefully monitor each transaction you make.

Your card number, PIN, and CCV (Card Verification Value) are just a few examples of the kinds of sensitive information that you should keep to yourself. Cover the keypad while typing if you are inserting your card into an ATM or a merchant’s terminal.

Skimming devices are the issue that looms the largest. After you swipe or put the card in a terminal, these copies the card number. We advise looking around the area for anything odd and obstructing the view when entering your PIN to prevent this type of occurrence.

Watch out for notifications about debit card fraud as well. CIBC will notify you if there has been an unusual movement in your account and will ask you to confirm that it is indeed you.

Finally, depending on the kind of card you have, the following two articles may be helpful: How to Lock Your CIBC Credit Card and Report a Lost CIBC Debit Card