SUPG Bank Balance Check, SUPG Missed Call Number, SUPG Balance Check Number 2024

Missed call & SMS alert for Sarva UP Gramin Bank balance check The Kisan Gramin Bank, the Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank, the Devi Patan Kshetriya Gramin Bank, and the Rani Laxmi Bai Kshetriya Bank were all combined to become the Sarva UP Gramin Bank. The Punjab National Bank, the government of Uttar Pradesh, and the government of India all have joint ownership of the bank.

SUPG Bank Balance Check

Punjab National Bank is the bank’s sponsor. The bank now operates in 17 districts of Uttar Pradesh with over 511 branches and a solid reputation. The bank offers customers cutting-edge services including the ability to check their account balance via missed calls. Below is a list of the process’s specifics.

SUPG Bank Balance Check Number

You must first register your cellphone number with the bank in order to use the Sarva UP Gramin Bank balance check by missed call feature. After registering, you can make a missed call to 01202403090 or 18001802223. The call will end after a few rings, and you will receive an SMS that includes information on your account balance. Because it can be done without the internet, this procedure is growing in popularity.

SUPG Bank Balance Check SMS

Although the Sarva UP Gramin Bank does not now provide this service, if the bank grows over time, it is feasible that it may do so soon. You can still receive SMS or email alerts for each transaction you make, though. You must visit the bank and register your email address and cellphone number in order to accomplish it.

You may also call the customer care line at Sarva UP Gramin Bank or utilize the net banking feature to check your balance. Additionally, they now provide mobile banking. You may also go to their website at for further details.