SSO Login, SSO ID Rajasthan Login

The government of the state of Rajasthan has started the SSO ID scheme to help people get online. With this SSO ID, people who live in Rajasthan can use the same name and password for a number of online tasks and government websites. You can use the Rajasthan SSO ID Portal to get online services from more than 100 different offices at the same time.

Single sign on in Rajasthan

Residents of the state who run their own companies, work in the private sector, or work for the government can use all of the services on the SSO ID site. It lets every person receive a wide range of e-services with just one click. People in Rajasthan can use the Rajasthan SSO ID Portal to access online services from different government departments, such as e-Mitra, the Bhamashah card service, the Rajasthan employment service, an online form for recruitment, online withdrawal and entry, submitting an electricity bill or a water bill, and so on.

If a state beneficiary wants to use online services, they must first sign up for an SSO ID online. People who haven’t made a Rajasthan SSO ID yet can do so by going to the website for the organization. You won’t have to pay anything to sign up for an SSO ID. You can sign up for free if you want to.

List of services offered on the sso site in Rajasthan

  • Arms License SSO ID
  • registering as an artist
  • MIS for Attendance
  • Letters from the bank
  • The Bhamashah
  • The e-Sakhi
  • The e-Tulaman
  • The GST Home Portal and GSP Consultancy
  • The e-Library, e-Mitra, and e-Mitra Reports
  • The BPAS (UDH)
  • EbayBazaar, E-Devsthan, EHR, and EID
  • Electrical Inspectorate and E-learning
  • Getting a business licence
  • Change can be a problem
  • CHMS
  • The DCEAPP
  • Boy
  • Higher Education in Technical and Medical Fields (HTE)
  • The IFMS-RajSSP
  • IHMS stands for Integrated Health Management System.
  • I begin
  • work fair
  • LDMS stands for Labor Department Management System.
  • LSG stands for “local self-government.”

Rajasthan SSO ID registration

  • To build their digital identity, applicants must visit the official website.
  • Here is a link to the webpage for the Rajasthan SSO.
  • The home screen offers a registration option.
  • Decide on this choice.
  • It will ask how one registers to become a citizen, Udyog, or government worker.
  • Depending on your needs, pick it.
  • Citizens for
  • There are four methods for registering.
  • Residents of Rajasthan have the choice of registering via either Bhamashah or Jan Aadhar.
  • Kids may sign up for everything else using their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Enrollment in Jan Aadhar For Aadhar registration, an ID is required.
  • It is important to have the Bhamashah digital ID, which serves as the enrollment ID.
  • They can use Facebook or Google to sign up for anything else, including the aforementioned.

You should keep in mind that every SSO ID has a unique cellphone number, email address, Bhamashah ID, and Jan Aadhar ID. This implies that a cellphone number may no longer be used for other reasons after it has been registered.

Udyog’s sake

  • There are two ways to register with Udyog.
  • both Udyog Aadhar and BRN.
  • Your Udyog Aadhaar number and mobile number will be required if you choose the first option.
  • To register, kindly supply the following information.

The BRN’s

Select this option, then enter your company registration number to register.

For Public Servants

  • For a government worker
  • The state insurance and provident fund numbers, as well as the passwords, are required from applicants who register as government workers.
  • Candidates can utilize the provided option to reset their password if they’ve forgotten it. You simply need to provide your user name in order to reset your password.

SSO Rajasthan login

  • A single digital identity is offered for use across all application processes.
  • To get a login for Rajasthan’s numerous programs, follow these steps:
  • For further information, go to the official website.

Here is a link to Rajasthan’s SSO portal.

  • On the home screen, it will request both the password and digital identification.
  • Click Login after entering your password, captcha, and ID/username.
  • This will allow you to sign into the Rajasthan Single Sign-On.
  • How to get your SSO ID login password in Rajasthan

How do I recover the password for the SSO ID for Rajasthan?

To retrieve a lost password, follow these steps:

  • Visit the government website at
  • The option “I forgot my password” is located on the home page.
  • Make this your choice.
  • Along with your registered phone number, email address, or Aadhar number, it will request your email ID or digital identification.
  • Select one, then input the data as well as the captcha.
  • Click the submit button once you have finished filling out the form completely.

Follow the instructions below to get your Rajasthan SSO password by SMS:

  • To retrieve your Rajsso ID password through the SMS service, follow the instructions below.
  • Send a text message with the subject RAJSSO PASSWORD to 9223166166.
  • Sending this message from a registered mobile number is required.
  • The recipient must have logged into the site at least once since September 7, 2018, in order to be qualified for this service.