UBI Bank Mini Statement Number, UBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How can I acquire a small statement from Union Bank? Sometimes we want knowledge of the most recent few account transactions. We need to see the mini statement for this. You’ve come to the correct place if you have a Union Bank account and want to see your mini statement. In this piece,

UBI Bank Mini Statement

Download a mini-statement from Union Bank? How to obtain a Union Bank mini statement will be discussed. If you continue reading this post until the end, you will learn the whole procedure for obtaining a mini-statement from Union Bank. We already know how to check the balance at Union Bank. We now know how to obtain a mini-statement from Union Bank.

UBI Bank Mini Statement Number

UBI Bank Mini Statement Number, UBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

UBI Mini Statement Number Through SMS Customers must text ‘UMNS’ to 09223008486 to receive their small statement. Please keep in mind that the SMS should only be sent from the registered cellphone number.

How can I acquire a mini statement from Union Bank of India? Different Process, Customers of Union Bank of India in India can see mini statements through a variety of methods. We will go into great depth about each of them. Please give it a serious read.

1) Via missed call

  • The simplest way to verify a Union Bank of India micro statement is using this procedure.
  • There isn’t yet a Mini Statement Number option for Union Bank of India. If this bank ever offers such a service, this article will be updated.

2) Using a smartphone app

You may also examine the micro statement with the use of the NXT app offered by Union Bank of India. You must do the following actions to accomplish this:

  1. Start by launching this app.iOS / Android
  2. Next, enter your four-digit pin to log in to this app.
  3. Click the option you see when you choose Accounts from the app’s home screen.
  4. Click the balance when you see it on the next screen.
  5. Next, you’ll see a Mini Statement option; select it.
  6. The tiny statement will be displayed to you.

This number must be copied and entered into the phone’s dial pad. then dial it from the bank-registered phone number. This call will automatically end after a while, and you will get a brief statement by SMS.

3) Using SMS –

If you prefer a different approach to the one described above, I should point you that you may also check your mini statement through SMS.

You only need to send a message to do this. There are two ways to do this if your phone number is associated with several accounts. They are described below. Write UMNS in the message field to check the balance of the primary account, and write UMNS space> account number> to check the balance of additional accounts, and send it to 09223008486. You will receive a mail shortly after it is sent that contains a brief summary of your account.

4) Using an ATM

Customers of Union Bank of India have access to ATM cards. A cash withdrawal is not the only use of an ATM. Other applications for it include checking balances and mini-statements, among others. You must visit the closest ATM to verify your mini statement online. The next step is to put your card in the reader. Following that, you will be required to enter a PIN. You will now be presented with a variety of choices, among which Mini Statement must be chosen. You will get a brief account statement.

5) Utilising Nett Banking

If you utilise Union Bank of India’s online banking, you may use it to check the mini-statement of your account. In the event that you have never done this previously, proceed as follows:

  • You start by going to Union Bank of India’s online banking page.
  • There are two alternatives available: Corporate User Login & Retails User Login. Choose what is best for you.
  • Following that, you must enter your USER ID and password and click LOG IN.
  • After logging in, three lines will appear at the top; click on them.
  • Following that, you will have a variety of choices from which to choose Operative Account.
  • You will receive complete account information.
  • You must now choose Actions.
  • Next, choose Account Statement.
  • Click View Mini Statement after that.
  • A little statement will now come before you.

FAQs –

How can you access your Union Bank of India account?

  • There are several ways to check the balance of a Union Bank of India account. Call 09223008586  or text UBAL to 09223008486 . to check your account balance.

What number belongs to Union Bank of India?

  • To file a complaint or ask a question with Union Bank of India, dial 1800 22 22 44.

How much cash may be taken out of an ATM operated by Union Bank of India?

  • The amount you may withdraw from an ATM is capped. You may withdraw up to 25,000 from Union Bank of India each day.

Summary – In this brief post, we have detailed instructions on how to obtain a mini statement from Union Bank of India. You won’t have any issues if you have attentively read this guide. Even so, if you run into any issues, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to resolve them. Share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it so they may learn how to obtain a small statement from Union Bank of India. Have a good day and thanks for reading this post all the way through.