Walmart MoneyCard ATM Withdrawal Limit 2023, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Walmart MoneyCard ABM Withdrawal Limit 2023: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Walmart MoneyCards are convenient for rapid money access and making modest purchases without carrying cash, but how much can you take from an ABM? What about the withdrawal restrictions that apply daily, weekly, and monthly?

MoneyCard ATM Withdrawal Limit

Understand these conditions before attempting to use your Walmart MoneyCard or other prepaid debit card to make an ABM withdrawal. You may learn more about the card’s current daily, weekly, and monthly withdrawal limitations by reading the information below.

Learn about the Walmart MoneyCard ATM withdrawal limit daily, weekly, and monthly.

Some credit and debit cards include a pre-set spending limit function that enables users to establish a daily, weekly, or monthly spending cap. This can aid cardholders in sticking to their spending limits and preventing overspending.

Walmart MoneyCard ABM withdrawal limits are $500. However, bank teller withdrawal limits are $1,500 per day. You won’t be able to use international abms to get cash when traveling overseas. The daily budget is $3,000 each day. The maximum direct deposit is $10,000.

A Walmart checkout line not only permits cash withdrawals, but Walmart also has the right to limit the amount you may withdraw at any moment. There is a daily cap of $1,000.

When you reach these restrictions, you may either go into any Walmart store and ask the clerk to give you cash up to the current limit, or you can phone (877) 937-4098 to add additional money to your account.

After 180 days after you activate your card, these limitations will start to apply; however, they will remain in place until you call customer care to get them lifted.

It’s crucial to know that these withdrawal limitations can vary if you take money from a Walmart MoneyCard ABM other than the one nearest you. Before using these numbers, check with your bank or financial organization.

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How Can You Prevent Exceeding Your Limit?

You can take the following actions to prevent exceeding the Walmart MoneyCard limit:

  • Before making any withdrawals, double-check your balance.
  • Monitor your withdrawals to ensure you don’t exceed your allotted amount.
  • Before withdrawing, ensure you are aware of your card’s withdrawal cap.
  • Choose an ABM that is part of your network to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • If you exceed your limit, contact customer support immediately to fix the problem.

They can assist you in coming back under the limit by altering your limit or removing transactions.

For Whom Is A Walmart MoneyCard Eligible?

You may use the Walmart MoneyCard anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa debit cards to make purchases. Green Dot Bank issues the card in three varieties: Standard, Plus, and Specialty.

To apply for a Walmart MoneyCard, you must be at least 18 years old. If your parent or legal guardian approves your application, you can be eligible if you are at least 16 but under 18. The Standard card does not have a monthly fee, but the Plus and Specialty cards do.

Your name, address, social security number (or the last four digits), date of birth, and driver’s license number (if applicable) are all required to start an account; No credit check is necessary.

You may only use a participating retailer’s in-store terminal or the company’s website to withdraw money from your Walmart MoneyCard.

Many customers won’t have any issues with this because it means they can access their money and points quickly for purchases, which might lead to free stuff in the future. However, this will present some difficulties for those who often use ATMs outside of Walmart.

How can I obtain a Walmart MoneyCard?

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You may use the Walmart MoneyCard, a reloadable prepaid card, anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa debit cards to make purchases. You may also use abms to get cash, pay bills online, and do many other things.

What’s best? Anyone may obtain one, as there is no requirement for a credit check. Additionally, it is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 for each cardholder. Additionally, they come in denominations of $2, $3, $5, $10, and $20.

Visit Walmart’s website to order your MoneyCard right away. Apply any coupon codes during checkout to get special shipping discounts!

When you get your card, activate it by doing the following.

  • On the Balance tab, select Activate.
  • Enter your card’s 16 numbers.
  • Select “Submit.”

The next step is to determine the daily withdrawal limit for this card. You can take out up to $500 daily from an ABM while using cash withdrawal services. You can only withdraw up to $1,500 weekly while conducting transactions offline, such as paying bills.

The Walmart MoneyCard Offers 7 Incredible Benefits.

The Walmart MoneyCard has a lot of advantages, but these nine are some of the more interesting ones!

You can be sure that your money will be safe, secure, and well-protected when you shop for groceries and other needs at your neighbourhood Walmart store, regardless of whether you’re just learning about the card or already have one in your wallet.

What, then, are these advantages? Let’s look at it!

1) Visit Any Store

Anywhere that accepts Visa may take prepaid debit cards, such as the Walmart MoneyCard. This implies that you may use it at any store, whether in person or online. Additionally, you may utilize it to make ABM withdrawals.

2) Monitor Your Expenses

You can track your spending with the Walmart MoneyCard, a nice perk. You can track your spending and where your money goes when using your card. This may be a fantastic strategy for sticking to a budget and saving money.

3) Credit Cards from Retailers

Using store credit cards might be an excellent strategy to cut costs during your shopping visits. They frequently provide special deals and benefits that might help you save money over time.

Additionally, they can help you raise your credit score with responsible use. Before applying, it’s essential to be informed of any potential drawbacks of store credit cards.

4) Deposits in Cash at Walmart Stores

Reloadable prepaid cards like the Walmart MoneyCard provide a safer, more practical method to shop and manage your money.

One of the card’s most significant advantages is making cash deposits at any Walmart location. This is fantastic for individuals who don’t have a bank account or wish to avoid bank fees.

5) Order money over the phone or online

Ordering a Walmart MoneyCard over the phone or online can be delivered right to your door. Additionally, you may use your card at any Walmart location, both online and in-store. Additionally, you may withdraw cash from any Walmart cashier or ABM if you need it.

6) No Bank Account Is Necessary

The Walmart MoneyCard’s non-bank account requirement is one of its strongest features. This may be a big relief for those unable to get a standard bank account due to poor credit or other financial difficulties.

The Walmart MoneyCard might be a tremendous backup plan in a crisis, even if you already have a bank account.

7) Practical Location

You may use the Walmart MoneyCard at millions of businesses worldwide since it is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Additionally, no foreign transaction fees allow you to use your card without concern when visiting other countries.


  • Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Walmart MoneyCard.

How do I check the Balance on a Walmart MoneyCard?

You may check your account balance in many ways, including online, through the app, or at an ABM. There is a $0.50 cost plus any ABM fees levied by the bank or ABM operator for checking an ATM’s balance.

How Can I Reload Or Charge My Walmart MoneyCard?

Your card will cost $3 to $6 to reload with cash. There is no cap on the amount you may load onto the card, and you can add up to $1,500. Walmart MoneyCards cannot be topped off with cash via atms; however, there are some alternative methods you may use instead:

  • Rapid Reload at Walmart
  • Retail Money Centre
  • App for Walmart MoneyCard
  • CashPak
  • Financial transfer

Is My Walmart Card accepted at Any ATM?

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard, you may use it for several items outside of Walmart shops and the ATM ms inside Walmart stores. If you use the card inside the shop, ABM machines at Walmart are free.

How much money can you add to a Walmart MoneyCard in total?

The daily cash reload cap is $2,999. You cannot reload money onto your card because the total limit on the available balance is $2,999. You can only have $10,000 on your card at any time, and checks have a daily limit of $3,000 each.