Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

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Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Baggage Allowance Domestic / International

  • Aerolineas Argentinas Checked baggage Allowance
To/FromPromoBasePlusFlexPremium Economy
ArgentinaAdditional feesAdditional fees1 piece of 15 kg2 pieces of 15 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each

*The total size of each piece of baggage should not exceed 158cm (height, length, and width).


To/FromPromoBasePlusFlexPromo BusinessBusiness
MexicoAdditional feesAdditional fees1 piece of 23 kg 
and width).
2 pieces of 23 kg each3 pieces of 23 kg each3 pieces of 23 kg each
Dominican RepublicAdditional feesAdditional fees1 piece of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each3 pieces of 23 kg each

USESAdditional feesAdditional fees1 piece of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each3 pieces of 23 kg each

EuropeAdditional feesAdditional fees1 piece of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each2 pieces of 23 kg each3 pieces of 23 kg each

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Handbaggage Allowances

Baggage Allowance 

International Flights

Measurements: The sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 158cm (height, length, and width).

Origin/ Destination Promo Base Plus Flex Premium Economy 
USAWith chargeWith chargeOne piece of 23 kg eachTwo pieces of 23 kg eachTwo pieces of 23 kg each

Domestic Flights

Measurements: The sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 158cm (sum of height, length, and width)

Origin/ DestinationPromoBasePlusFlexPremium Economy
ColombiaWith chargeWith chargeOne piece of 20 kgTwo pieces of 20 kg eachTwo pieces of 20 kg each

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

 Depending on the price class and the destination, Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines has different restrictions on checked luggage. Most economy class travelers flying inside Argentina are permitted one piece of checked luggage weighing up to 15 kg (33 lbs). The weight limit for business class passengers is 30 kg (66 lbs), which is greater.

Depending on the location and ticket class, the luggage limit for international flights may vary. The standard allowance for economy class travelers is one or two pieces of checked luggage, each weighing no more than 23 kg (50 lbs). A more substantial allotment of up to two or three items, each weighing up to 32 kg (70 lbs), is available to business class travelers.

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance

  • Excess Baggage Fees

If your baggage exceeds the allowed weight, size, or quantity, you will have to pay excess baggage fees that will depend on the route:

Excess Baggage Fees – Additional Piece
Route1st Additional Piece2nd+ Additional Pieces
Advance purchase*At the airportAdvance purchase*At the airport
Domestic within ArgentinaARS 749ARS 1700ARS 999ARS 2100
Argentina, Regional** ↔ Regional**USD 20USD 40USD 40USD 80
Argentina, Regional** ↔ Colombia, PeruUSD 30USD 60USD 50USD 100
South America*** ↔ Dominican Republic, MexicoUSD 50USD 90USD 70USD 110
South America*** ↔ the USUSD 120USD 150USD 120USD 150
South America*** ↔ EuropeUSD/EUR 60USD/EUR 80USD/EUR 100USD/EUR 120
*Advance purchase of additional pieces of baggage is available up to 3 hours before departure, online, through Aerolineas Argentina Contact Center or commercial offices.
**Regional – Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay.
***South America – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.

The maximum weight allowed per piece of checked baggage is 32 kg, except 23 kg within Argentina and between Argentina and Chile.

Excess Baggage Fees – Overweight or Oversized Piece
RouteOverweight PieceOversized Piece
16-23 kg23-32 kg158-300 cm
Domestic within Argentina*ARS 850ARS 2300
Argentina, Regional* ↔ Regional**USD 60USD 100
Argentina, Regional ↔ Colombia, PeruUSD 70USD 100
South America ↔ Dominican Republic, MexicoUSD 80USD 120
South America ↔ the USUSD 100USD 150
South America ↔ EuropeUSD/EUR 100USD/EUR 150
*On domestic flights within Argentina and flights between Argentina and Chile, the maximum weight per piece is 23 kg.

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

  • Additional Baggage


OriginDestinationCurrency1st baggageAdditional parts
Purchase ValuePurchase Value
ArgentinaArgentina excepto Tierra del FuegoARS5.0826.171
ArgentinaTierra del FuegoARS4.2005.100
ArgentinaSudamérica (excepto Perú, y Colombia)USD4060
ArgentinaPerú y Colombia USD5080
ArgentinaInternacional (excepto Europa)USD70100
Sudamérica (excepto Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Colombia)Internacional (excepto Europa)USD70100
Sudamérica (excepto Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Colombia)EuropaUSD100120
BoliviaInternacional (excepto Europa)USD81115
ColombiaInternacional (excepto Europa)USD83119
PerúInternacional (excepto Europa)USD83118
Internacional  (excepto  Europa, México y Rep. Dominicana)SudaméricaUSD70100
Rep. DominicanaSudaméricaUSD83118