Air Arabia Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

When it comes to luggage allowances, Air Arabia is quite accommodating. One carry-on bag with dimensions no more than 55 cm by 40 cm by 20 cm (22 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches) is free for passengers in economy seats. This website features all of the bag’s additional pockets, wheels, and handles. The carry-on’s total weight must be less than 10 kilograms.

Check in baggage for Air Arabia Airlines

There is no free luggage allowance with Air Arabia. Passengers are required to pay for their checked bags. You can either choose to pay according to the pre-booked slabs or pay for additional luggage at the airports to do this.

There are four methods to pre-book: online, over the phone at a call center, in person at a sales office, or through a travel partner.

Air Arabia baggage limit information

Carry-on Luggage Weight:8kg To 10kg
Carry-on Luggage Size:45 Inches
Checked-in Baggage Size:62 Inches
Checked-in baggage weight:20kg To 23kg
Prohibited Items:Hoverboards, Fireworks,
Bleach and firearms

Each bag must weigh no more than 32 kg and have total dimensions no greater than 160 cm.

Please be aware that although the carrier generally does not give free allowance, it has announced limited-time promotions on a few routes where it may be providing free allowance or at prices that are significantly reduced.

Pre-book charges

a. Flights from the UAE:

  • Fees start at AED 15 per passenger per one-way trip for carrying 20 kg or 30 kg in 1 piece. However, if the 30 kg or 40 kg is taken in 2 pieces of check-in baggage, then  charges are AED 20 per passenger, one way.

b. Flights FROM Morocco:

  • 15 KG: from EUR 25 per passenger per one way
  • 20 KG: from EUR 30 per passenger per one way
  • 30 KG: from EUR 54 per passenger per one way
  • 40 KG: from EUR 79 per passenger per one way

c. Flights FROM Egypt:

  • 20 KG in 1 piece: from EGP 70 / passenger / one way
  • 30 KG in 1 piece : from EGP 100 / passenger / one way
  • 30 KG total baggage in up to 2 pieces:from EGP 120 / passenger / one way
  • 40 kg of total baggage in up to 2 pieces: from EGP 120 / passenger / one way

Air Arabia Airlines Hand Baggage Allowances

Small Bags

You are allowed to carry baggage up to 10 kg in weight and 55, 40, and 20 cm in size on Air Arabia. Also permitted is one regular-size bag for infants.

You must pack liquids, gels, and pastes in 100 ml individual containers that fit within a resealable bag with a 1-liter capacity if you wish to transport them in cabin baggage. You must use STEB bags on flights to and from the Middle East.

LED TV Guidelines

  • TVs up to 40 inches, up to the weight limit for checked luggage, are free.
  • It charges AED 150 plus a handling fee (about 180 dhs) for items larger than 40 inches but within the check-in allowance.
  • It charges both the extra baggage tariff and Dh 180 for items larger than 40 inches and exceeding the allowed allowance.
  • Its flight accepts LED TVs with a maximum screen size of 60 inches. Even if it fits within the allowed check-in luggage allowance, there is no free allowance.

Air Arabia Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Air Arabia hand & Cabin luggage allowance: size, weight and fees
Air Arabia cabin bag sizeAir Arabia hand luggage weight allowanceNumber of bags allowed onboardCost to check in oversized hand luggage
55x40x20cm including handle, pockets and wheelsPlus one standard-sized bag if traveling with an infantMaximum 10kgOne hand luggage bag (plus one for an infant)You can buy an extra 20kg at the airport for the standard price, but any extra is charged as excess baggage
Air Arabia hold luggage allowance: size, weight and fees
Air Arabia hold baggage sizeAir Arabia hold luggage weight allowanceNumber of hold bags allowedCost of Air Arabia hold luggage
The total size of each bag must be under 160cm – add the length, width and height of bag to calculate thisBuy 20kg30kg or 40kg pre-booked baggage allowanceAnother 20kg for purchase at the airportMaximum 32kg per piece of luggageUnlimited number per passenger, but each piece must weigh less than 32kgFees vary depending on the route you’re flying but can be up to 90% more than pre-booking prices

Air Arabia Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

  • The following table outlines the minimum fees for one-way flights for one passenger. 
Origin CountryBaggage Allowance# of PiecesFees Starting from
 UAE20 KG30 KG 1 pieceAED 15
30 KG40 KG2 piecesAED 20
 Egypt20 KG30 KG1 pieceEGP 70EGP 100
30 KG40 KG2 piecesEGP 120
 Morocco15 KG20 KG30 KG40 KGEUR 25EUR 30EUR 54EUR 79
  • Air Arabia offers pre-booking for checked baggage allowance online, via the call center, sales offices, or travel partners.

Air Arabia Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance & Charges

  • Pre-booking the needed weight is advised since you may avoid paying up to 90% of the costs associated with last-minute reservations at the airport by doing so either during the booking process or by utilizing the airline’s website’s ‘Manage Booking’ page.
  • To choose additional weight, you may also get in touch with the phone center, sales office, or travel partners.
  • You may only purchase a 20 kilogram luggage allowance at the airport. Rates for extra luggage apply to additional weight.

Excess baggage fees

On Air Arabia flights, excess baggage, defined as three or more bags per person, will cost between $85 and $95 per bag.

Overweight baggage fees

Any bag weighing more than 50lbs is deemed overweight and oversized. In addition to any regular, extra, or excessive baggage costs, Air Arabia also charges fees for overweight luggage. Air Arabia does not accept checked baggage that weighs more than 99lbs.

Oversized baggage fees

Most bags that total more than 62 inches in height, length, and weight are deemed enormous. In addition to any regular, excess, or overweight costs, Air Arabia charges surcharges for excessive luggage.

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