Air Europa Airlines Baggage Allowance 2023

Passengers on Euromed routes may bring one bag with a maximum weight of 10kg for Economy Class and 15kg for Business Class. Depending on the departure location, a second bag can be reserved for a fee ranging from €15 to €30. On flights to the Caribbean and North America, 

Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on luggage that can weigh no more than 10 kilograms. Business Class travelers are permitted to check up to two bags with a combined weight of 30kg, while customers traveling in Economy Class are limited to one bag weighing no more than 20kg.On flights to Central and South America, passengers are allowed a single item of carry-on luggage that weighs no more than 10 kg in Economy Class and two items that weigh no more than 15 kg in Business Class. Business Class travelers are permitted to check two bags with a combined weight limit of 32kg, whereas travelers traveling in economy class are only permitted to check one bag weighing no more than 20kg. Finally, 

Customers traveling in Economy Class on flights to Asia and the Middle East are permitted to check one bag that weighs no more than 20 kg and one piece of hand luggage that weighs no more than 10 kg. Passengers traveling in business class may bring up to two pieces of hand luggage each weighing no more than 12 kg and two pieces of checked luggage weighing no more than 32 kg.

Air Europa Airlines Baggage Allowance Domestic / International

As a full member of the SkyTeam Alliance and the Globalia travel alliance. It was the first privately owned Spanish airline to run nationwide scheduled flights when it was established in 1986. Since joining the SkyTeam Alliance in 2007, Air Europa has been able to expand its wings and grow its route network to service more than 1,000 destinations thanks to codeshare agreements with 20 other airlines.

Air Europa, with its main office in Mallorca, serves 27 cities alone in Spain! Its 50 aircraft, which include Airbus, Boeing, and ATR planes, make up one of the world’s youngest fleets. Millions of travelers chose to fly Air Europa because of the airline’s incentive programs, roomy rooms, and cuisine created by top chefs.

Plan a trip with Air Europa to intriguing locations like Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Cancun!

Air Europa Airlines Hand Baggage Allowances

Carry-On Bags:

Short/Medium Haul: Economy travelers may bring one bag that weighs 10 kilograms on board, while Business passengers may bring one bag that weighs 14 kilograms.

Long-Haul: Passengers in the economy class are allowed to bringe bag that weighs 10 kilograms, while those in the business class are allowed to bring two bags that weigh 18 kilograms each.

Air Europa Lneas Aéreas
Baggage allowance varies by route;
check the Air Europa website for details
Economy Lite62 inches (158 cm)050 pounds (23 kg)$30 to $120
Economy – Standard/Flex1Included
Premium – Standard/Flex1
Business – Standard/Flex2

Air Europa Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

What types of items can I take in my cabin baggage?

Only items essential for the comfort or well-being of the passengers during the flight can be taken inside the aircraft. These include items such as a small handbag, a laptop, or a small camera. Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers no larger than 100 ml, and all containers must be packed in a single transparent plastic bag no larger than 1 litre.

Air Europa Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

In accordance with the type of flight (domestic, medium- or long-haul), the general checked luggage allowance is available to all passengers. Route-specific variations to the standard luggage allowance exist, and frequent flyer status also confers additional allowances.

Free Baggage Allowance:
FareLite FareEconomy FareBusiness Fare
Domestic & Medium-haul Flights*No baggage allowance1 piece up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg each
Long-haul FlightsNo baggage allowance1 piece up to 23 kg3 pieces up to 23 kg each
*Domestic – Spain; medium-haul – Europe, Israel, Morocco.

Checked baggage: Number of pieces, their weight and size

  • Each passenger booking a flight with Air Europa is entitled to the following baggage allowance:
ClassesWeightFlights to
Economy1 x 23kgAll destinations
2 x 23kgBolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil
Business2 x 23kgDestinations in Europe
3 x 23kgAfrica, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.
2 x 32kgUnited States
3 x 32kgBrazil

The luggage policy of Air Europa varies significantly depending on the length and destination of the journey. It is advised to check their website for a complete list of luggage restrictions and prices.

There is just one 23-kg bag available for check-in for anyone traveling in economy class when using the Lite rate, which excludes checked luggage.

Depending on the flight’s itinerary, business class customers receive one to three bags of checked baggage (each weighing 23kg).

Children under the age of two may check one bag weighing 10 kg.

It is possible to purchase more luggage, but please be advised that doing so at the airport will often cost twice as much as doing it online.

Please refer to Air Europa’s policy if you want to bring your pet on a flight.

Air Europa Airlines Excess/Extra Baggage Allowance

Any item of luggage that exceeds the number of items permitted by the baggage allowance is considered excess baggage. You should get to the check-in counter at least 15 minutes before to the check-in deadline if you are flying with extra luggage. In addition to paying in advance, up to two days before the trip, you can pay the additional fees for excess luggage at the airport. Online or through the Air Europa Call Center, you may get a deal on additional luggage. For flights to/from Bolivia and to/from Quito, extra baggage cannot be pre-purchased.

After paying the applicable fees, passengers may check up to 32 kilograms of overweight luggage. Only at the check-in desk are oversize luggage fees payable. When the entire luggage weight does not exceed their allocation, Business, Air Europa SUMA Silver, Gold or Platinum, and Elite or Elite Plus customers are exempt from the overweight baggage tax. They must pay the overweight fee if they go above their allowance.

RouteExcess Baggage ChargesOverweight
Baggage Charge
In advanceAt the airport
Long-haul (except to Cuba)100 EUR120 EUR100 EUR
To Cuba100 EUR – 1st extra piece
150 EUR – 2nd+ extra pieces
160 EUR100 EUR
Medium-haul & domestic30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
  • Any baggage over 158 cm (height + width, + length) will be considered special baggage in the hold and transported for a 150 EUR fee.

Air Europa Airlines Baggage Allowance for Student

Visit for the latest information on the official Air Europa Airlines baggage allowance for students page.

Air Europa Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

Price Per First and Subsequent Additional Bag

In Advance2 Days In AdvanceExcess Weight
Economy Lite30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Standard30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Flex30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Plus30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Business Standard30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Business Plus30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR

Restricted Articles

Hand LuggageHold Baggage
Firearms, like pistols, rifles, shotguns, firearm replicas, or any kind of firearm partsExplosives like detonators, fuses, percussion cups, grenades, and mines
Other type of weapons like compressed air guns, rifle, single rockets, starter pistols, harpoons, and underwater fishing rifles, deep water crossbows, and slingshotsGasses like propane, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air bottles for diving, butane, insecticides, refills for lighters, etc.
Sharp or pointed object like bladed weapons, axes, javelins, arrows, darts, knives, and scissorsPetrol, diesel, oil, alcohol, methanol, paints, solvents, varnishes, diluents, and turpentine
Tools like drills, drill bits, saws, screwdrivers, professional knives, hammers, pilers, keys, and welding blowtorchesFlammable solids like magnesium, celluloid film, sulfur, coal, and matches
Baseball bats, sticks and clubs, paddles, skateboards, billiard cues; fishing rods, and martial arts equipmentRadioactive materials
Small vehicles powered by lithium batteriesOxidants and organic peroxide
Liquids in containers over 100 ml and a total exceeding 1LToxic substance
Genetically modified organisms, magnetized materialCorrosive materials
Electronic cigarettes and smart luggage equipped with lithium batteriesAutomotive batteries