Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number, Allahabad Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How can I acquire a small statement from Allahabad Bank? The Allahabad Bank micro statement contains information on the most recent transactions. Viewing the small statement is a really easy process. You must follow a few straightforward steps. You could still run into issues, therefore in this post we’ll talk about how to receive an Allahabad Bank mini statement.

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement

We hope that after reading this essay, you won’t be left with any unanswered questions. Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank are combined. Now, Indian Bank must be utilised for any Allahabad Bank facilities. We already know how to check the balance at the Allahabad Bank. We now know how to obtain a small statement from Allahabad Bank.

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number

You can get the details of your previous 5 transactions by availing of the Missed Call Service by Allahabad Bank. You need to dial the Allahabad Bank balance check no. 8108781085 or 9289592895 from your registered mobile number.

How to obtain a small statement from Allahabad Bank – Various Procedures, The small statement from Allahabad Bank can be seen in several different ways. We will learn all of them in great detail. You may choose whichever method you want to utilise.

1) Via missed call

Give a missed call to check your Allahabad Bank mini statement. The technique is considerably simpler than others.

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number Is – 8108781085 Or 1800 425 00000

  1. You need to write down this number.
  2. Next, you must paste in your phone’s dial.
  3. A call must then be placed from the bank’s registered number.
  4. Following the call’s automated termination, you will receive the short statement.

2) Using SMS –

You can utilise SMS in addition to missed calls if you want to check your mini statement. To do this, send a message to the number 9444394443 with the subject line LATRANspace>Mpin> for the primary account and LATRANspace>Account Number>space>Mpin> for the secondary account. You will receive a message with a link to your account’s mini-statement after some time.

3) Using an ATM

You may also see the mini statement of your account using an Allahabad Bank ATM card, if you have one accessible. You must visit the nearest ATM to do this. You must choose your language after placing the card into the machine there. After that, you will have a variety of choices to make, one of which must be Mini Statement. The PIN must be entered once you are prompted to do so. You will get a brief account statement.

4) Using a smartphone app

The app for Allahabad Bank is not its own. Since the merger with Indian Bank, all banking-related tasks must be completed via the IndOASIS app. If you utilise this software, you may quickly check a tiny statement with it. Let’s examine how:

  1. Start by launching this app.iOS / Android
  2. After that, enter your PIN to log into this app.
  3. Click the Accounts option you see after logging in.
  4. Next, pick the Savings Account option that appears.
  5. Click the account number when you see it now.
  6. After choosing Mini Statement, your account’s mini-statement will appear.

5) Utilising Nett Banking

You may also examine your mini statement via nett banking. You’ll find it simple if you follow the instructions listed below. If you haven’t reviewed your mini statement through nett banking before, be sure to carefully follow each step.

  1. You first arrive to Indian Bank’s nett banking website.
  2. Click on LOGIN after entering your User ID in the box provided.
  3. After that, you’ll be prompted for your password; type it in and click Login once again.
  4. You have now arrived at the bank’s nett banking dashboard.
  5. There is a section labelled “My Accounts” there; select the link to get the Quick Transaction View option.
    You will get a brief account statement.