Bhulekh Bihar 2024 Bhulekh Land Information, Khesra/Khatauni, Bhu Naksha

Bhulekh Bihar 2024: How to check Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi, How to check Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi 2024 bhulekh bihar : The Revenue Department has made the facility to view Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi online. Along with this Register 2 has been made available online. Now every person can get Bhulekh Jamabandi Khatian copy of his farm or land sitting at home. Earlier, whenever we needed the Bhulekh details of our or someone else’s land such as Register 2, Khatian or Jamabandi copy of the land, we used to visit the office. This not only costs money but also wastes precious time.


But now we do not need to worry at all for Bhulekh Jamabandi Khatian copy. Because in this post we will tell you how you can check and download Bhulekh online sitting at home. For this you need to know about the online process. So if you want to know the complete details of this process, then definitely read this post till the end.

Bhulekh Bihar 2024

How to check Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi online? Step-1 Open

To see bhulekh bihar jamabandi online, first of all go to Biharbhoomi web portal. For your convenience, we are giving its direct link. With which you will be able to open this website without any hassle –

Step-2 Select your district

As soon as the website of Bihabhoomi will open, a map of entire Bihar will appear on the screen. Here first you have to select your district. Like – I am from Madhubani district, so I will select it in the map. You can also see in the below screenshot –

भूलेख बिहार 2024 – बिहार भूमि जानकारी, खेसरा/खतौनी, भू नक्शा @

Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi

Step-3 Select your block

On selecting the district in the map, the list of all the circles under that district will appear on the screen. Select your zone here. Like – I am from Ladniya area, so selected it in the map –

Step-4 Choose the name of the mouza

After selecting your zone, you have to select your socks in the list. You can also filter the stock list to find your stock. After this select the option of Search account. As shown in the below screenshot –

Step-5 Choose your name from the list

After selecting the Mauja, the list of all the names in that Mauja will appear on the screen. Find your name in this list. On getting the name, go to the view option in front of the name. Like below screenshot –

See step-6 bhulekh bihar jamabandi

As soon as you click on the view option in front of your name, the complete Bihar Bhulekh details will appear on the next screen. First of all check your name here. After this, whatever information you need related to the land, you can see it in this record of rights –

In this way, all the farmers of Bihar and all the people having ownership rights of the land can see the Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi Khatian sitting at home online. Let us now also tell you about how to download or print it.

Step-7 Download Bihar Bhulekh copy

If you want to download or print your Bhulekh details, then you can do that too very easily. For this, in step-6 , when the rights record is released, then the print icon has to be selected on the right side. As shown in the below screenshot –

As soon as you print the Bhulekh details will be downloaded in your computer or mobile. You can get it printed at home or by going to any printer facility shop.

List of districts of Bihar whose Bhulekh is available online –

Nalanda – NalandaMadhepura – Madhepura
SupaulLakhisarai – Lakhisarai
ArariaKishanganj – Kishanganj
Arwal – ArwalMadhubani – Madhubani
Aurangabad – AurangabadMunger – Monghyr
BankaMuzaffarpur – Muzaffarpur
Begusarai – BegusaraiNawada – Nawada
Bhagalpur – BhagalpurPatna – Patna
Bhojpur – BhojpurPurnea – Purnea
Buxar – BuxarRohtas
Darbhanga – DarbhangaSaharsa
East ChamparanSamastipur – Samastipur
Gopalganj – GopalganjSheikhpura – Shiekhpura
JamuiShivhar – Sheohar
Jehanabad – JehanabadSitamarhi – Sitamarhi
Kaimur – KaimurSiwan
Katihar Vaishali
Khagaria – KhagariaWest Champaran – West Champaran

Summary –

To check and download Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi, the official website of Biharbhumi has to be opened. After this, by selecting your district, block and mouza respectively in the map, select the option of Search account. Now the name of all the tenants of your Mauza will be visible. Search your name in it. Once the name is found, select the View option in front of the name. After this, the Bhulekh Jamabandi copy of your land will open on the screen. You can download it very easily.

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