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Welcome to MP Bhulekh (Madhya Pradesh) – Check Khasra/Khatauni (B1), Bhu Naksha, Bhu Abhilekh Pratilipi (Certified Copy), and Other Land Record Details.

Now you can get Land Records of Madhya Pradesh state online. Nowadays all the states have started providing land related services online. The information of Madhya Pradesh land records on MP Bhulekh Khasra portal is updated with time. You do not need to go to any office for these facilities.


How to see Khasra/Khatauni (land record copy) online on MP Bhulekh Go to the official MP Bhulekh portal at

MP Bhulekh 2024

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Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh land record Khasra/Khatauni B1, See Land Map

First of all you have to visit Bhulekh MP this authorized land records portal of Madhya Pradesh state which provides you MP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni (mp), Bhu Naksha and other land records online.

Note –

  • You can get some Land Records on MP Bhulekh Portal without registration, while for some Land Records you have to register.
simple land record copyDigitally Signed Land Records Copy

Registration is not mandatory to withdraw

Registration is mandatory for withdrawal
Available for freeCharges have to be paid

may be used for information only

Can be used for any official work

How to see land records simple copy?

Make a decision based on which copy you want. Now we will first see how to extract simple land records for which registration is not mandatory and you can extract it for free. After going to the MP Bhulekh portal, directly choose the land records service or you can also choose the land records service by clicking on the Search button.

Step 1 – Land Details –

You can use Land Parcel Unq ID or ULPIN Number to find your land records. If you do not have it, then no problem, even without it, you can search land records and Khasra Khatauni by name. For that select your district, tehsil and village, then search option, select Khasra and click on View Details button.

Step 2 – Check the details –

All the information related to the land will come in front of you. Check this information and click on View Khasra Nakal button in front of your Khasra in Land Parcel Details .

Step 3 – View land records –

At last Bhu Abhilekh MP of your selected Khasra will come in front of you, in this you will get all the information of bhulekh madhya pradesh land. But keep in mind that this copy is only for your information.

How to extract digitally signed land record copy?

Registration is necessary to extract digitally signed MP land record copy because you have to pay for it and you can use this copy for any government work.

Step 1 – Registration / Login –

To extract the digitally signed land record copy, you need to register . First of all, you have to register by giving your general information and home address, then login to the MP Bhulekh portal using Username and Password .

Step 2 – Select Land Record –

After login you will see many land services. Out of that you have to choose MP bhu abhilekh pratilipi this service.

Step 3 – Give Khasra details –

In this you have to give the details of your measles. You can directly search your Khasra land by unique ID or ULPIN number . If you do not have it, then select your district, tehsil and village, then select the option to search and also select your Khasra, and finally click on the button to view details .

Step 4 – Select Khasra and record type –

Actual details of land owner and measles will come in front of you . Select your Khasra from this, then select the type of bhuabhilekh mp and click on the copy fee button.

Step 5 – Pay –

At last you will be told the fee for measles removal, after paying it you will be able to get your digitally signed copy.

How to see the land map?

The free naksha we are going to see is a simple map for which no registration is required. After visiting the MP Bhulekh portal , click on the Land Parcel Map to view the land map .

MP Bhu Naksha

Now you have to choose your district , tehsil, MP and village . Immediately the MP Bhulekh map of the selected place will appear in front of you. In this map, each land has been given a Khasra number. From the topic of land type, you can know what is the type of land. To select Khasra, open the details of Khasra and submit it by entering your Khasra number . Immediately Bhulekh Map will appear in front of you.

How to get Bhu Naksha (Certified Copy)?

To extract the authentic copy of MP Bhulekh Map ie Bhu Naksha, you have to go to the Geo Portal of Madhya Pradesh. This portal has been created to provide Vikal Bhu Naksha. It is necessary to register on this portal.

Step 1 – Registration / Login –

In registration, you have to give your general information and register yourself on Geo Portal . Later login yourself on the portal using the Username and Password that you had created at the time of registration .

Official Website of Geo Portal (Madhya Pradesh)

Step 2 – Select Village –

Select the district, taluka, and village of the village you want the land map of. After that in Summary you will see the land map copy fee, finally enter the Purpose for which reason or work you are extracting this map and click on Proceed to Payment button.

Step 3 – Payment –

To get an authentic copy of the Bhu Naksha, you will have to pay a copy fee of Rs 5,100 per village. After paying this fee, you will get a certified copy of the land map in a pdf file. You will be able to get this Bhulekh from mp.

How to do Bhumiswami Aadhaar E-KYC?

If you want to link your Aadhaar with your Khasra i.e. land, then you can do this, so let’s know the process of doing E-KYC of the land owner’s Aadhaar. To do this, you have to register and login on the MP Bhulekh portal, after that you have to choose Bhumiswami Aadhaar E-KYC service.

To apply for E-KYC, first of all you have to choose your khasra i.e. land, you can do this by choosing district , tehsil and village . Then click on the view details button.

Now the details of Bhumiswami and his Khasra will appear in front of you, out of this you have to select the land owner and click on the E-KYC (Landowner) button.

Keep in mind that your mobile number should be linked to Aadhaar, now enter your Aadhaar number and click on generate OTP button. After that OTP will come on your mobile, enter it and submit it .

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