Block PNB Bank Credit Card, How to Block PNB Credit Card

Punjab National Bank savings account holders receive a free credit card. Customers can buy online or at POS terminals with this Credit Card.

How to Block PNB Credit Card

Using a credit card to buy online or in stores is safe, but one must avoid skimming or online criminals getting their credentials. One can block a PNB Credit Card if they lose it or discover fraud.

PNB Credit Card Block

A PNB (Punjab National Bank) customer should freeze their credit card if they lose it, have it stolen, or fear a fraudster is taking money from their account.

Punjab National Bank users can restrict their Credit Cards via internet banking, SMS, or customer service.

Card blocking via Net Banking

  • Log in to your PNB net banking account.
  • Click ‘Value Added Service’ and choose ‘ATM/Debit Card Hotlisting’.
  • Select your ‘Account Number’ from the drop-down.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to view the card that matches the selected account.
  • Select the card number. Alternatively, input the card number manually in the ‘Card Number’ field.
  • Enter the IBS Transaction Password and click ‘Submit’.

The card’s hotlisting confirmation will show instantly.

Mobile App credit card blocking

App instructions for card blocking:

  • Login to the PNB One App using your credentials.
  • Select the Credit Card option, then select ‘Hotlist Credit Card’ on the following screen.
  • Choose the account number from the drop-down list to hotlist the card.
  • Click ‘Continue’ once finished.
  • Select the correct card number from the card shown for the specified account.
  • Enter the transaction password and click ‘Continue’.

Note that credit cards cannot be de-hotlisted.

Blocking credit cards through Customer Care

  • Contact PNB’s credit card customer service hotline to ban or hotlist your card.
  • Block the card by calling the bank’s 24-hour toll-free helpline at 1800 180 2222 or 1800 103 2222 or the paid helpline at 0120-2490000.
  • The IVRS module integrates with toll-free phones as well. You may also SMS HOT (5545620002358767) to 5607040 from your registered mobile phone.

Offline credit card blocking.

Visit your local Punjab National Bank branch to ban your credit card. You must provide identification and a credit card. A banker will assist with card blocking.

These are various techniques to ban or hotlist a stolen or lost credit card. You must report a stolen or lost credit card to avoid fraud.