Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card, How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Could you please provide me with the steps to block a Vijaya Bank credit card through SMS? Today, we will be addressing the topic of the Vijaya Bank Credit Card blocking process. When you find yourself in a situation where your card is no longer in your possession, promptly reporting it as lost or stolen is highly advisable.

How to Block Vijaya Bank, Credit Card

You may not need to visit a branch or write an application. It is simple to block by sending an SMS. Hence, I kindly suggest that you carefully read the entire post to understand the topic at hand comprehensively. Please guide us on restricting or limiting access to Vijaya Bank services.

Vijaya Bank is recognized as a prominent institution by the Government of India. The bank provides its services through a vast network of 2031 branches, 13 extension centres, and 2001 ATM centres across the country, catering to the diverse banking and financial requirements of individuals from various sectors in the nation.

Vijaya Bank provides convenient services to its valued customers, including ATM access, cash deposit machines, mobile banking options, tab banking facilities, and a mobile wallet feature. Vijaya Bank offers the convenient option of transferring funds through NEFT or RTGS. The bank provides a range of credit card options, including Rupay Credit Cards, to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Fund transfers through NEFT/RTGS are typically available at most bank branches. This bank is known for its commitment to offering innovative and appealing services that can be conveniently accessed from the comfort of your home.

Steps to Manage Vijaya Bank ATM Credit Card Blocking and Unblocking

  • May I kindly request the toll-free number for the Vijaya Bank Credit Card, available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • For any inquiries regarding credit cards, we kindly suggest reaching out to the toll-free numbers provided below:

In the event of a potential card security concern, it is advisable to contact our customer service hotline at 1800-225-100 to discuss the possibility of obtaining a replacement card. Before proceeding, it would be advisable to prioritize the hotlisting of the credit card by contacting the same number. It would be advisable to consider sending an email to using the subject line BL – (credit card number).

If your card is blocked, text “BLOCK [last 4 digits of card]” to 9223172141.To ensure the security of your card, we recommend that you contact the customer service hotline at 1800-225-100 or 1800-103-1006 to explore options for blocking it. Additionally, please note that the car may experience online connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please provide me with some guidance on resolving the issue of my credit card being temporarily restricted?

To resolve the issue of your Vijaya Bank (BoB) credit card being blocked, I kindly suggest contacting the Vijaya Bank customer care number. By contacting them and politely requesting assistance, they should be able to assist you in unblocking your card. To proceed with clearing your card, we kindly request that you provide your KYC details. There are multiple convenient options available for unblocking your card, including sending an SMS or email, utilizing net banking, or visiting the nearest BoB branch.

Could you please explain the term “hot listing of credit cards”?

The term “hot listing” refers to taking necessary precautions to protect your credit card in case of theft or misuse. A hot listing is a measure that helps protect your credit card from potential abuse.

Could you please let me know the best time to contact a BoB customer care executive?

The toll-free number to reach a credit card customer care executive is conveniently available 24×7, including through IVR service. No matter your location or the time, you have the option to dial the toll-free number to contact a BoB customer care executive.

What steps should I take in the event of misplacing my credit card?

It is advisable to promptly contact a BoB customer care executive to inform them about the unfortunate loss of your credit card and kindly request assistance blocking the card. It would be necessary for you to kindly consider filing an FIR by visiting the nearest police station and subsequently providing a copy of the same to the bank.

I’m experiencing some issues with my credit card. Could you please provide me with information on how to obtain a replacement?

It would be advisable to contact the BoB customer care service to inform them about the issue with your card. The executive will kindly guide you through applying for a replacement card. Additionally, you can conveniently apply for a replacement card through net banking or mobile banking. You may consider visiting the nearest branch of BoB and kindly inquire about possibly obtaining a replacement for your credit card. A representative from the bank will be available to assist you.