BOM ATM Block, How to Block Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card

How to Block an ATM Card from Bank of Maharashtra, Your BOM or Bank of Maharashtra ATM card may have been lost or misplaced. Then you should instantly block the card. You can accomplish this by informing the bank of your loss. You can use a variety of techniques to block the card. Learn about every technique here.

BOM ATM Block,

BOM ATM Block, How to Block Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card

Methods to Block Bank of Maharashtra ATM Card

Calling Customer Service: Contact the bank’s customer service line at 1800 233 4526 and inform the staff that you have misplaced your card and want to have it blocked. You will be questioned by the staff about your bank account. Your card will be permanently stopped by the bank if you accurately respond to the questions.

To Block Your Bank Of Maharashtra ATM/Debit Card, Contact A Call Center Agent At 1800 233 4526, 1800 102 2636, Or Landline Customers Can Phone Helpline Numbers 020-26104400, 020-48527200.

Visit your local Bank of Maharashtra branch, where you initially opened your bank account. Inform the bank staff that you Block your ATM card and that you wish to block it. Your card will be banned if you provide the bank your card number.

Online Banking: Enter your username and password to access your online banking account. Choose your Block card from the list by selecting ATM Card Services, then hit the block button. On your cellphone number, you’ll receive an OTP. You can block your card by entering the OTP.

Mobile Banking: Use the mobile banking application for the Bank of Maharashtra and sign in to your account. Choose debit card services by tapping on services. Choose the missing card that you want to prohibit. Tap the block after choosing the card.

  • If you wish to block your card via online banking or mobile banking. You must confirm that you have turned on these services. The bank’s main website offers an activation form for internet banking. It is necessary to register for mobile banking by downloading the app. Find out here how to register.
  • You may ban Bank of Maharashtra ATM cards both online and offline using this method. Remember this once the bank blocks your card. The card is not usable under any circumstances. So, you should only decide to ban the card if it is really required. You can ask the bank for a new card after blocking your old one.