Canara Bank Mini Statement Number 2024 by Miss Call, SMS, Mobile App, Net Banking

Methods to get Canara Bank Mini Statement All you need to do is – make a missed call from the registered mobile phone to 09015734734 to receive the information on the most recent transactions through SMS. How Canara Bank Mini Statement Number Be Obtained? As we all know, in order to save time, individuals are growing wiser and using smartphones or mobile devices to expedite numerous necessities. Banking is one of the industries that has undergone digitization, and the days of standing in line at bank counters to update passbooks or obtain printed copies of statements are long gone.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number

Nearly all banks now provide the option of Internet banking, mobile banking, IVRS, etc. Canara Bank has already started educating its consumers about mobile banking options, so they are not an exception.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number 2024 by Miss Call, SMS, Mobile App, Net Banking

How to register for the Canara Bank Mini Statement

Account holders must register their mobile numbers with the bank in order to enable Mini statement services. Once clients register their mobile numbers, they may use a variety of services.

  • An application form must first be completed by the account holder.
  • He is then asked to visit the bank location and submit basic account information.
  • Following that, the bank employee would give the account holder assistance in registering a mobile number and connecting it to the bank account.
  • Upon the completion of the registration procedure, he would then receive a confirmation SMS.
  • The SMS service is guaranteed to be activated by this message.
  • The CANMOBILE mobile banking software allows account holders to use the Mini Statement feature.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number

An account holder is required to give a missed call from his/ her registered mobile number to get a Canara Bank Mini Statement. The Canara Bank mini statement can be received both in Hindi & English languages.

The methods to obtain a Canara Bank mini statement through the missed call service are listed below:

  • Give a missed call to 09015734734 for the latest five transactions on your bank account to receive the information in English, or dial 09015613613 to receive it in Hindi.
  • After two rings, the call would automatically end.
  • An SMS with information on the past five transactions done from that account would be sent to the account holder.

Advantages of Canara Bank’s mini-statement service:

The following benefits of utilising the Canara Bank Mini Statement service are listed for Canara Bank account holders:

  • With the support of mobile and online banking, Canara Bank Mini statement service is accessible around-the-clock, meaning from any location and at any time, all without having to physically visit the bank. Time and effort are therefore both saved.
  • With the aid of the missed call service, you may use this service even if you don’t have an internet connection by making a missed call from your registered mobile number to the Canara Bank Mini Statement number.
  • Even better, one doesn’t even need a smartphone to obtain a Mini statement—all it takes is an SMS.
  • It’s a simple way to get access to recently completed savings account transactions.

There are several ways to obtain a Canara Bank mini statement, including through the missed call service:

Customers of Canara Bank have access to financial services around-the-24*7. Account holders must dial: to request a Canara Bank Mini Statement by missed call.




Only account holders who are enrolled with a PIN will have access to nearly all banking services through this IVR, including account information, balance inquiries, the most recent five transactions, etc. The cell phone number also has to be registered with the bank.

Moreover, account users can phone the Canara bank balance enquiry number listed below to find out their account balance:

   1800 425 0018, 1800 103 0018, 1800 208 3333, 1800 3011 333

Use mobile banking to access a Canara Bank mini statement:

The ways to obtain the Canara Bank Mini Statement using mobile banking are listed below:

  • IOS users should download the CANMOBILE App from the Apple App Store, while Android users may do the same from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the same, and then log in using your MPIN or your mobile banking ID and password.
  • Choose the account number for which you want a mini statement by clicking the “Enquiry” option.

Use Online Banking to access your Canara Bank Mini Statement:

The ways to obtain the Canara Bank Mini Statement through net banking are as follows:

  • Access the “Personal Banking” option on the Canara Bank official website on a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device.
  • Use the Username and Password to log in.
  • To complete a successful login, enter the captcha code that is displayed.
  • Choose “Account Information” by clicking.
  • An account holder may now see the most recent transactions, including any deposits and withdrawals, that have been made.
  • Also, account holders may manage various accounts they own, create account statements, and more with the aid of online banking.

Get Canara Bank’s Mini Statement via an ATM:

The ways to obtain the Canara Bank Mini Statement from an ATM are as follows:

  • Insert the debit card into the nearby ATM.
  • Go to the “Banking Department” by following the instructions.
  • Once the 4-digit ATM Pin has been entered, select “See Mini Statement” from the menu.
  • You would receive a printed Mini Statement receipt listing the last 10 transactions.

Get Canara Bank Mini Statement from SMS Banking:-

In addition to the missed call service, account holders can get the Canara Bank Mini Statement through SMS, which is often free but may incur fees depending on the user’s cell plan.

  • Account holders must first register their mobile numbers with the bank by visiting a branch or an ATM in order to get their Mini Statement through SMS. Also, they can do it through internet banking.
  • After registration is complete, consumers may use their registered mobile number to send an SMS to the Mini Statement number.
  • They would then receive information about recent purchases through SMS.