Delete Clubhouse Account, How to Delete My Clubhouse Account 

There are a few actions you need to take, whether you want to deactivate my Clubhouse account for privacy concerns or because you want to test a new service.

Clubhouse connections removed

Your Clubhouse account cannot currently be permanently disabled. You may, however, revoke a contact’s account access.

You must turn off access in the iOS settings in order to delete it. When you do that, the program will hide your account. By emailing Clubhouse support, you may also remove access. Users of the Android and iPhone operating systems can choose this option.

In addition to the contact access issue, Clubhouse has other privacy issues. Jiten Jain, an Indian cybersecurity expert, alleges that Clubhouse exposed customers’ phone numbers and other contact information. It is currently unknown how long Clubhouse will retain these records.

The most recent version to Clubhouse resolves these privacy issues. Users may now ask to have access to their contacts revoked, and they can even choose to have their data fully removed from the application’s database. Users may also now invite another Clubhouse user by just typing their phone number into the appropriate field.

Delete Clubhouse Account

The process of obtaining a copy of your personal data

It is difficult to obtain a copy of your personal information after deleting your Clubhouse account. Clubhouse does not provide a simple method for deleting your account, and the procedure is ambiguous.

You must send an email to the firm asking for the termination of your Clubhouse account. The contact tab of the app contains a listing for the email address. It takes at least 30 days after you submit the email for the account to be terminated. The account becomes inactive permanently after that time frame. This implies that for a minimum of thirty days, you are unable to get into the app or make a new account.

An application for social networking called Clubhouse invites users to make public speaking rooms. Although the program is free, it does gather data. These details cover your app usage patterns as well as your communication frequency and partners.

Clubhouse has come under fire for allegedly not properly policing user comments. However, despite the company’s boasts, it hasn’t yet improved its moderating tools.

A Clubhouse account’s deactivation and cancellation

It’s not as simple as it would seem to create and delete a Clubhouse account. Before your data is completely deleted, numerous procedures must be completed.

Logging in with your Clubhouse account is the first step. The “deactivate” button is located on a page that you will view after logging in. You must read the instructions and adhere to the given procedures in order to deactivate your account.

You must unlink any social network handles you have linked to your account before you may deactivate it. This will guarantee that there are no internet records of your account.

You won’t be able to log in or access your profile after deactivating your account. You can still use the site’s features, though. Within 30 days, you can reactivate your account.

Additionally, you can cancel your account for certain reasons. You may delink your social network accounts from the app, for instance, if you no longer wish to utilize the audio chat room function.

How to Delete My Clubhouse Account

Substitutes for clubhouse

Tech pioneers created the social network Clubhouse, which enables members to communicate with one another. It also provides a means of income generation for content producers. The software was created with the aid of several well-known people in technology.

The layout of the clubhouse is straightforward and user-friendly. The program has had a lot of security issues, though. Users have voiced concern that Clubhouse may have secretly taped their discussions. When it was in testing, the Clubhouse app was solely accessible on iOS; it became available on Android in July 2021.

Users of Clubhouse may exchange music and make podcasts in addition to communicating with others. It also provides a number of clubs. The app’s functionality is fairly restricted despite its popularity.

The absence of a dark mode is one of Clubhouse’s biggest drawbacks. A video chat feature is also not supported. However, given that Facebook is allegedly working on an audio chat function, this is probably about to change.

Another audio conversation app is InstaHelo. Users are able to take part in a conversation regarding entertainment and societal topics. It also includes interviews with well-known politicians and entertainers. And it’s free.