How to Apply Passport From Mobile Phone and Get Home Delivery

Taking an important step, the government has started the facility of applying for it from any corner of the country as well as applying from mobile phone from Tuesday. Another good news has come for the common man from the government. Now you will be able to apply for making a passport sitting at home. After the passport is made, it will come directly to your home. 

How to Apply Passport From Mobile Phone and Get Home Delivery

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has given this information on Tuesday. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj told that you have to download the ‘Passport Seva’ app on your mobile and after downloading you can apply for making a passport through it. With this, now you can apply for making a passport from any part of the country. The verification work from the police will be done only on the address given on your app.

After the verification is complete, the passport will be sent to your address. It will not be necessary to give the name of her husband for the passport and it will not be necessary for the divorced wife to give the name of her ex-husband. Marriage certificate will no longer be required to get a passport. This app can be easily downloaded through Google Play Store. 

The External Affairs Minister has said that many old and confusing rules for passport applications have been abolished. The rules have been simplified. Rules have been made to facilitate the common citizens. Due to this the difficulty of date of birth has also become easy, now the date of birth written on Aadhaar, driving license or similar documents recognized by the government will be considered. For the children of the orphanage, the date of birth given by the head of the orphanage will be valid. In the case of sages, the names of the gurus will prevail in place of their parents.

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