How to Load Your Walmart MoneyCard

Directdiposit, Walmart Rapidload, online transfers, and other rapid methods make it simple to load money onto a Walmart MoneyCard. The following online and offline ways allow MoneyCard Account users to top off, recharge, or reload their account balance.

Load Your Walmart MoneyCard

At any Walmart retail location, you may load money onto the card for a little fee. Using your Mastercard or Visa debit cards to make purchases, both online and in-store, is possible after loading your Walmart MoneyCard.

The techniques mentioned above make it easy to load money onto a Walmart Money Card, and it offers a number of features and benefits that will make it easier for you to use and manage your money.

Filling Up a Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart offers a variety of loading methods so you may add money to your account. We provide a few approaches below.

Money Transfer

When you load money onto your Walmart Money Card by direct deposit, Walmart may get in touch with the merchant and send funds straight to your Walmart Money Card. Obtain a direct deposit form, fill it out, and give it back to your employer. Your business will start collecting payments via direct deposit rather than sending you a check in the mail.

  • Your government benefits and payroll cheques may be deposited straight into your MoneyCard account with the help of direct deposit.
  • The services, according to the reports, are gratuitous, and you can deposit all or a portion of your cheque.
  • Two days before to Payday, employees can notify their direct deposits, and Walmart also initiates early money transfers.

Rapid Reload at Walmart

You may quickly reload your Walmart Money Card with cash at any Walmart store. Simply scan your card at the counter, tell the cashier that you want to deposit cash to it, and pay them your cash. In most cases, the money is available in 10 minutes.

Web-based Transfer

Then you may link your bank account and transfer funds to your Money Card. You can add money using this technique without paying a reloading fee, while your bank could charge you for the computerized transaction. The service completes the online transaction in one to three business days.

How to Fill Up a Walmart MoneyCard with Money from a Bank Account

  • By following the instructions below, you may load money onto a Walmart money card using your bank account.
  • On the mobile app or by going to the official website at, you may access your account.
  • After signing in, select “Add Money” or “Deposit Funds” from the menu.
  • Lookup any associated bank accounts. If you don’t have any linked accounts, choose Add Bank.
  • By providing your bank account number, routing number, and other required details, you may link your bank account. Following that, select “Add Funds” or “Bank Transfers.”
  • Enter the desired loading amount and continue to finish the transaction.
  • When the transfer is finished, the transferred amounts will be immediately credited to your Walmart Money Card balance.

How to Add Money to a Walmart MoneyCard at a Local Location

  • You can use the methods shown below to top off a Walmart money card at a local retailer.
  • Using the Walmart Find the closest store app, you may find the store’s location.
  • Contact the customer care desk of the Walmart store in your neighborhood.
  • If you want money loaded onto your Walmart Money Card, tell the clerk.
  • Give the details of your Walmart Money Card account and the money you wish to load onto the card.
  • They can assist you in swiftly completing the deal.
  • To verify the altered amount, check the bill and load funds using the mobile app or online.

Can someone else add funds to my Walmart Money Card?

By using a Card to Card transfer, you may add funds to your Walmart Money card. Allow a friend or family member who also has a Walmart Money Card to transfer money to your card.

Does online MoneyCard recharging exist?

Online bank account transfers are one option for topping off your Walmart Money Card. Using the Walmart Money Card, you may transfer money between your bank account and your Walmart Money Card account.

Can I reload my Walmart Money Card using a Debit Card?

At a Walmart Money Centre Express or a Walmart cash machine, you may top off your Money Card using a debit card. There are fees associated.

Can I put money on my Walmart Money Card from a check?

You may use the Walmart Money Card mobile app on your phone to deposit a check. Verify that the check has been issued to you, then sign your name and indicate “For Mobile Deposit Only” on the back. to have access to the Mobile Check Deposit capabilities of the application.