Indian Bank ATM Block, How to Block ATM Card of Indian Bank

Indian Bank ATM Card Blocking Number and Related Information We’ll explain how to block an Indian Bank ATM card in this post as well as provide a blocking phone number. Any Indian citizen may open a savings account at Indian Bank, 

Indian Bank ATM Block

One of the country’s largest public sector banks. You receive a passbook, chequebook, and ATM card when you open an account with this bank, in addition to other banking services.

How to Block Debit Card of Indian Bank

All of Indian Bank’s clients have access to the option of receiving ATM cards. You can use an ATM card to both withdraw money from an ATM and pay for items on internet storefronts. Having an Indian Bank ATM card has several advantages, but if it is lost or stolen, you could run into serious problems.

IB Bank ATM Block

How is an Indian Bank ATM card blocked? You should immediately block the Indian Bank ATM card if it is lost or stolen to protect the funds in your account. If you do not close the card promptly, then you may have to bear the financial loss. In the sections below, we’ll go over the techniques you can use to instantly have your Indian Bank ATM card hotlisted.

Call the customer service hotline to block an Indian Bank ATM card. By dialling the toll-free customer service number for Indian Bank, you can report a lost ATM. You will be prompted for your card and banking information before your card is banned.

Indian Bank Customer Care number – 1800 4250 0000 You can call on this number anytime 24X7. 

How can I disable my Indian Bank ATM card in person at a bank branch? Also, you can report a lost card by going to an Indian Bank location. You must bring your passbook to the bank so that an employee can block your card there.

So, that’s how you can disable an ATM card from an Indian Bank. If the card is missing, it is wise to close it right away. Thank you for visiting the blog; I hope this material is helpful to you.

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