PSB ATM Block, How to Block Punjab & Sind Bank ATM Card, PSB Debit Card Block Number

How do I block an ATM card from Punjab and Sind Bank? Nowadays, we don’t leave the house without our debit cards or ATM cards. This is because these cards are very helpful to us. However, if you have lost or misplaced your card, you should immediately block it. I’ll show you how to block an ATM card from Punjab and Sind Bank in this guide.


Cardholders can use a variety of methods to complete the process, which is simple. It doesn’t matter which approach you take at this point. What matters is immediately blocking the card. Select one of the methods I have described below and follow the steps.

PSB ATM Block Number

PSB ATM कार्ड ब्लॉक संख्या

PSB ATM कार्ड ब्लॉक संख्या

Methods for Blocking the Punjab and Sind Bank ATM Card The SMS method is the quickest of all. where sending an SMS from your registered mobile number is all that is required. Additionally, the bank will immediately block the card.

PSB ATM Block By Sending SMS

How to Send an SMS to Block an ATM Card at the Punjab and Sind Bank:

  • Send an SMS with the subject line “Lost” and the last four digits of the card number.
  • And send this SMS from your registered mobile number to 9223815844.
  • The bank will obstruct your card.
  • You will receive the same confirmation.

PSB ATM Block By Calling Customer Care

Moves toward Block Punjab and Sind Bank ATM Card by Calling Client Care:

  • Punjab and Sind Bank’s customer service line can be reached at 1800-419-8300.
  • Select the language in which you wish to communicate.
  • Now, select the IVR option to connect your call to the bank’s support representative.
  • Inform the manager that you want to block your card because you lost it.
  • For the purpose of verification, the executive will ask you a few questions about your account.
  • Complete each question correctly.
  • Only the card’s last four digits can be used to help the executive locate your lost card.
  • Your request will be granted by the executive.
  • What’s more, the card will be for all time impeded.

Log in to the official website of PSB Bank. at

Conclusion These are the two possible approaches to blocking the card out of many others. You can also visit your local bank branch for additional assistance. You can get your card blocked with the assistance of bank employees. Blocking the card won’t cost you anything from the bank. However, you will be responsible for paying for the new card.