Replace An Expired CIBC Credit Card, How to Replace An Expired CIBC Credit Card

You are unable to conduct any transactions with your CIBC credit card if it expires or sustains damage. So, your best choice right now is to get a replacement. The card is the only item that expires; your account won’t go through the same procedure, so keep that in mind.

How to Replace An Expired CIBC Credit Card

Therefore, if you continue reading, you will learn how to replace a CIBC credit card that has expired. Furthermore, we’ll explain how to quickly replace it; it only just a few clicks to do so.

Replace a CIBC credit card in 1 minute that has expired

If you haven’t made a purchase with your card in the last 12 months, we advise you to do so before you do any of the following. By doing this, the bank will not have any issues with your lack of activity.

Then, carry out the following actions to replace your defunct CIBC credit card:

  1. Login: now that you are ready, you can get a replacement by entering your account through CIBC Online or Mobile banking (Android or iOS).
  2. Choose “Manage my Card”: Choose Manage My Card from the Credit Card Details section, then follow the on-screen directions.
  3. You’re prepared: that’s it! Once you’re done, it should take between 4 and 10 business days for the new card to show up.

In contrast, the bank often monitors the card and mails a replacement two weeks before it expires. Therefore, if it’s for an expired CIBC credit card, you wouldn’t have to lift a finger to apply for a new.

If you choose, you can select to get a new credit card right away, saving you the stress of having to wait. As a final resort, you can also contact 1-855-887-3888 to make a replacement request over the phone.

Let’s now address some commonly asked issues regarding expired CIBC credit cards.

Can I still use my expired CIBC credit card?

The card’s expiration date determines when it will stop working. Your credit card will be regarded as expired once the final day of the month indicated on the back arrives, and you will need to acquire a replacement.

If your CIBC credit card is expired, you cannot use it.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are a few of the features that remain the same when you receive a new CIBC credit card to replace your expired one. If you utilize one of these services, you won’t need to edit anything other than the expiration date.

What Happens Next When You Replace a CIBC Credit Card That Has Expired?

You should immediately activate the new credit card after receiving it. Although the procedure is simple, if you are unsure of how to proceed, you should read this post: How to Activate CIBC Credit Card.