Ryanair Baggage Restrictions 2023 for Checked and Carry-On Baggage

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Ryanair’s allowance for carry-on luggage

Ryanair 2023 Baggage Restrictions for Checked and Carry-On Baggage

Your carry-on must not measure more than 56 x 36 x 23 cm and must fit in the overhead bin, according to Jet Star, which is highly tight.

RYANAIR Airlines Carry-on Baggage Size

The combined weight of your primary carry-on and personal item cannot be more than 7kg if you are a passenger on an Economy Starter, Starter Plus, or Starter Max flight. The total weight of your primary carry-on and personal items cannot exceed 14kg if you are a Flex bundle, +7 kg of additional carry-on luggage, or a business class passenger (no single item can weigh more than 10kg).

RYANAIR Airlines Personal Item Size.

Each passenger traveling on a Star Class ticket is allowed one additional carry-on item, with a maximum combined cabin baggage weight of 44 lb/20 kg, and the restriction that only one item may be a suit pack or garment bag.

RYANAIR Airlines Carry On Baggage Weight Limits

Passengers traveling on an economy starter, starter plus, or starter max are allowed to bring one large item and one small item that weigh no more than 7 kg. Flex bundle, +7 kg Extra Carry-On Baggage, or Business Class ticket passengers: one large item and one small item weighing no more than 14 kg.

Ryanair Check-In Baggage Allowance

Ryanair Check-In Baggage Allowance

Information about checked baggage for RYANAIR Airlines passengers

The dimensions of your primary item, including wheels and handles, must fit in the overhead lockers and not be larger than 56 cm in height, 36 cm in width, and 23 cm in depth.

Weight restrictions for checked bags on RYANAIR Airlines

Up to 30kg of free checked luggage is available to business class travelers. You receive 20 kilos of free checked luggage when you purchase a “Jetstar Plus” package. Checked luggage up to 30 kilos is free with the “Jetstar Max” bundles. In all situations, you can pay to raise your allowed weight for checked luggage by a combined 40 kg.

Size restrictions for checked bags on RYANAIR Airlines

Bags cannot be more than 157cm (length + width + depth) or 62 linear inches long, nor may they weigh more than 50 pounds. Additional fees per bag and direction will apply to bags weighing more than 50 pounds.

Ryanair carry-on baggage fees and Pet Fees

Fees for carry-on luggage on Ryanair Airlines.

For domestic flights with up to 15 kilos of checked luggage, Jetstar costs $45 AUD or NZD. Select Jetstar Japan or Jetstar Asia for overseas travel. depending on the trip, the airline, and the destination, generally between USD40 and USD50.

RYANAIR Airlines Pet Boarding Charges.

Pet travel options will remain scarce due to decreased capacity throughout Australia, and we sincerely appreciate your patience during these challenging times. Our online pet and animal reservation system is presently offline. Please get in touch with one of our favorite pet-travel specialists. Open an external website in a new window to make your domestic pet travel reservations in Australia. With the exception of assistance animals on domestic flights inside Australia, Jetstar does not permit live animals in its cabins.

Ryanair Check-in Baggage and Excess Baggage Fees

Fees for Checked Baggage on RYANAIR Airlines

  1. Ryanair Airlines’ check-in baggage fee

The cost of checked luggage varies by route. The lowest checked luggage allowances are available online, while the most costly options are available at the airport. We advise you to book checked luggage before traveling to the airport.

  1. Ryanair Airlines Surcharge for Extra Baggage

You will pay a surcharge per kilogram for each additional kilogram of checked luggage beyond the allotted weight. For information on the excess baggage cost structure, please see the chart below.

Domestic flights cost $10 for Australia and $10 for New Zealand.

International flights cost $20 when leaving Australia, 1,500 JPY when leaving Japan, and 600 THB when leaving Thailand.

Fees for Oversize and Overweight Checked Baggage on RYANAIR Airlines

There is an oversized item handling fee for every checked bag with a single side longer than one meter (39 inches). Each traveler may check up to two large items. The handling charge for big items is a separate charge per item and per flight and may be paid online. Depending on your itinerary, your bag may be placed in the hold, and you may be charged extra if it is determined to be large.

Ryanair Carry On Baggage Sizes, Weight Limitations, and Fees

Each person may purchase up to 40kg of checked luggage. No one object may be heavier than 32kg. An enormous item is any piece of luggage that is longer than one meter in any direction. Keep in mind that anything with a side longer than 1 m will be deemed excessive, and there will be an oversized handling cost of AUD 25 per item, one way.

Small instruments that weigh less than 7 kg and don’t exceed 85 x 36 x 23 cm are allowed as carry-on luggage. If an additional seat is purchased, a bigger instrument that weighs no more than 15 kg may be transported on board.

For domestic flights, an extra kilogram costs AUD 15, while for international flights, it costs AUD 25. The international fare will apply to connecting flights that have both local and foreign legs.

Disclaimer – Ryanair Baggage Fees & Ryanair Baggage Policies

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